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Tips for Moving with Small Children


Moving isn't a fun process for anyone, but for children, it can really take a toll. I have moved many times both as a child, and as an adult, so I understand the process from both perspectives. Moving takes a lot of preparation and hard work, but the end result can be really wonderful for everyone involved. Kids are very resilient and adaptable, so adults should give them a little more credit than they tend to want to. Keeping the moving process streamlined and organized will be most helpful for everyone involved. Here are a few tips for moving with small children.

Break the News

As an adult, you are the one who will ultimately set the tone of your move. Depending on the circumstance of the move (be it for a job, to be closer to family, or outgrowing a current living space), you can really convey that moving will be an exciting thing for your family. Leaving your current home will be hard, no doubt, but a new home can be seen as an adventure for the whole family and something to look forward to. Showing excitement will help your children feel safe and excited, too, and may make the entire process of changing spaces easier on all of you in the long run.

Get the kids involved

Ask the children to help with packing, especially when it comes to packing up their personal belongings in their own bedroom. Give each child three boxes or bins, and ask them to divide their items into those they wish to keep, those they wish to donate, and then things that just need to be recycled or thrown away. This will help cut down on clutter, and will allow them some extra room for new things in their new living space. They can help label and tape up boxes room by room through out the rest of the house, too. Find a local moving company in North Carolina that can supply boxes and other moving supplies as you pack up. Getting your kids involved will make the transition more exciting.

Get them excited about their new home

If possible, take the children to their new home and walk them through it, or view online photos. Allowing them to develop a sense of what their new home will be like will be helpful, and will help them feel excited about what's to come. Ask them how they'd like to set up their new rooms, play spaces, etc. You might even give each child a gift card to their favorite store so they can pick out something new for their new room.

Hire help

Moving can be very overwhelming, especially when you have children. One of the best ways to help yourself in the transition process is to hire The Best Movers you can find. Ask for recommendations from family and friends for movers you can trust and rely on. From packing to the physical moving of boxes, movers will help get the job done quickly and easily, giving you more time to focus on the needs of your family.

Let the kids express their feelings

Moving day may feel very hard for the entire family. Saying goodbye to a home is a very emotional process, and may take time. Allow your children time and space to say goodbye to your home. Perhaps give them a journal or diary to write down the events of the big day, so they can share their feelings in a way that makes them comfortable. Take a family photo together on the front steps of the home for a memory down the road. Be sure to take a photo of the moving truck, and take a photo once you arrive at your new home, as well, so new memories can start being made in your new space.

Take time setting up the new house

You'll want to get your new home set up and flowing quickly, but be sure to slow down and take time to spend as a family once you're in your new home. It may take a while to get bedrooms set up, so have fun and create memories if you wind up sleeping on mattresses on the floor for a night. Order a pizza, stream a movie, and let the kids have fun while you enjoy your new surroundings together. The boxes will still be there to be unpacked the next day. In the coming days, if you have friends and family that are willing to help you unpack and organize rooms, start with the children's rooms, and get their beds set up and made. Having a familiar space to sleep in will be very helpful. Find some of their favorite stuffed animals and toys, and have those sitting out, waiting for them, so they can jump right in and play in their new rooms.

Moving can be so exciting for a family. Making new memories will always be fun, and setting things up in a new way can very much feel like the adventure of a lifetime. Allowing your kids to speak their minds, get involved with packing and unpacking, and giving them time will help them adjust to their new space with hope.

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