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Snuggle Weather

The weather in New England can be beautiful and awful all at the same time. For early November we are still seeing temperatures in the high 60s and low 70s and intermittent blasts of cold. Please Mother Nature if it had to happen please  bring on the snuggle weather.

Nothing is as beautiful to me as the changing of the leaves in New England. It reminds me to find the beauty in everything around me.
I had my biweekly trip to the nail salon yesterday and saw this very beautiful young woman. She had this absolutely stunning red hair and of course my sister and I are staring. My sister was concerned about making her feel insecure, but I have my mom's let's talk to strangers mentality and I went up to talk to her. I told her she was absolutely beautiful.  Her smile and her conversation with me led me to believe she may not be told too often or really at all. 

 Remember to tell someone they are beautiful even if you don't know them. Be kind. Be the change we need.

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