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Kids Get Comfy and Creative with The Figgy


Thanks to Figgy for providing me with product for this post. All thoughts are my own. This post contains affiliate links.

'Kids, stop jumping on the couch!' It's a common phrase uttered by parents around the world, and one that my own kids are no strangers to. In fact, they are ploppers- plopping down on the furniture with all of their might, while squishing throw pillows, and unknowingly moving the furniture. Let's face it, couches and loveseats are great for sitting and lounging, but not so great or safe for kids to play on. My kids love to build forts with every pillow or cushion available to them, but I dislike seeing the couch pulled apart, and the good pillows getting squashed on the floor. Is there a safe compromise, which allows kids to be kids, and keeps moms and dads happy, too?

Meet The Figgy- a modular kids' play couch that is so much more than that! Founded by two parents (Rachel and Chris) who are big kids at heart, Figgy was born out of their desire to give their children a safe, creative, enriching playset that fit into their homes and lifestyles.

'This is SO cool, mom!' My kids were thrilled with The Figgy and couldn't wait to play with it!

For years, I have thought to myself that my kids just needed their own couch to lounge on and play with. I never imagined my mom-wishes would come true! We received The Figgy a few weeks ago, and my kids (ages 12, 6, and 13 mo) have been obsessed with it from the very beginning. Our Figgy arrived in a large box, and my kiddos couldn't wait to open it and see what was waiting for them inside.

Note to grown-ups- You will need to unbox The Figgy, and it will require very carefully cutting away the tightly sealed plastic, so as not to cut the fabric cover of The Figgy.

My kids had so much fun trying to get The Figgy out of the box. They worked together to remove the sealed couch pieces, which were all pressed together and rolled up. If you've ever purchased a mattress that was all rolled and sealed, this is just like that. I cut away the plastic seal very carefully, and the kids pulled The Figgy pieces out one by one. There were seven pieces in total. We stacked the big gray couch pieces, and the kids immediately plopped down on them, excited to explore, build, and play with their Figgy.

It did require a little bit of time and patience from our Figgy unboxing to its readiness for play. Since the pieces are tightly rolled and sealed, they need a little time to fully expand.  The Figgy is typically fully ready for play within a couple of days, though it can sometimes take 1-3 weeks for the pieces to fully expand and take shape.

Time to play! My kids couldn't wait to build with their new Figgy.

After the pieces of our Figgy plumpened up, the kids were ready to get playing! They wasted no time in grabbing the large pieces and using the sturdy Velcro on each cover to connect those pieces to create a castle. They used three of the large cushions as walls and added a fourth on top as a roof. I loved watching them play and work together to create whatever their awesome imaginations could dream up. From castle to fort to Nerf shelter, The Figgy has already provided us with many hours of creative playtime.

The Velcro strips on the Figgy cushions make it easy for kids to connect pieces for frustration-free play.

What's Included...

The Figgy has it all- multiple pieces in various sizes, washable covers in a variety of colors, and sturdy Velcro strips for quick and easy connection of pieces during playtime. The Figgy includes four large base cushions, two rectangular block cushions, and the option to add a wedge. The base cushions have handy handles on them, making it super easy for kids or grown-ups to pick the cushions up and move them. So smart! The rectangular bolsters are thick and sturdy- perfect for creating anything hearts desire, or for becoming the back or arms of a kids' couch. The wedge is a cool add-on, giving kids another shape to work into their creative playtime with The Figgy, and it's perfect for support when lounging.



(We received an optional wedge, which is sold separately)

Materials and Info

•100% polyester suede fabric cover with a waterproof layer that is machine-washable.
•CertiPUR-US Certified Foam.
•Patent-Pending Velcro System.
•Hidden Zippers: Enclosed zipper pockets and hidden teeth protecting your walls, floors, and kids for worry-free play all day long.
•Smartly placed handles for easy transport.

Working together: it does my heart a whole lot of good to see my kids working and playing together, despite their five-and-a-half-year age differences.

The Figgy is so much fun! It's not just for little kids- it's for kids of all ages. I know that my big kids would have loved something like this when they were smaller (Baby C is enjoying it, too!), but it's wonderful for them at the ages they are right now, too. They can build and play or stack and lounge on their Figgy. It's large enough for both of them to sit and relax on, or for them to pull apart and play with.

Baby C loves exploring and playing with The Figgy, too! The cushions are soft, and are low to the ground, making them absolutely perfect for Baby C to crawl on. It's also a wonderful way for us to be able to practice teaching her to roll onto her tummy and get down off the couch safely. As she grows, she will love playing with The Figgy as much as her big brother and sister do.

A Playroom Staple!

We can't wait to integrate our Figgy into our playroom at our new house! It's going to be the first finished space in our renovation, giving the kids their own space to chill and play. The Figgy is the perfect piece of modular furniture + play set for the playroom. I can only imagine we will enjoy many years of playtime and lounging with The Figgy. I can't wait to show you all pictures of our playroom, with The Figgy all set up! With its washable covers and waterproof cushions, The Figgy is perfect for all kinds of playrooms, and parents don't have to worry about it getting ruined if spills or accidents happen (because they will).

The fun never ends with The Figgy!

The Figgy is so awesome! It's one of the coolest things we've ever reviewed here at Mommy's Block Party, and my kids have been over the moon in love with it from day one. It's such a fun addition to your space at home, fitting in well with your everyday aesthetic. It's easy to move for playtime and to put away.

Figgy makes the perfect gift!

Want to give your kids something they'll truly love for the holidays, or a birthday? The Figgy is the perfect gift! It's practical ad functional as a kids' couch and is the perfect play set that will never go out of style, no matter your children's ages. Add on to your Figgy with additional pieces, and change the color by swapping out the cushion covers- anytime you like! Grab a Figgy for $265.00 - a worthwhile investment for your precious kids. Available in 9 colors! 

Want it? Get it!

Head on over to Figgy to learn more about this must-have play set for kids! Sign up on their website and save $15.00 off your purchase. Follow Figgy on Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube so you never miss an update or miss seeing new and cool ways to play with your Figgy!

Special thanks to Figgy for allowing us to experience and share about their wonderful play set! Be sure to stay tuned to Mommy's Block Party and follow our Insta @mommysblckparty to see The Figgy in our playroom reveal!

Who do you know who would love The Figgy?

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