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Fill Your Bra and Your Stockings with Swoobie Bra Liners this Holiday

Feeling like a sweaty potato on the underside of your bra? Swoobie has the answer to preserving your lingerie and nipping this issue in the bud with its bra liners!

The gross thing about being super sweaty is when everything below your neck is sopping wet and weirdly slick and you wonder if that after-shower lotion was a huge mistake. There is NOTHING wrong with you! Sweat is your body's way of regulating its temperature. Many women feel they sweat excessively, yet most "excess" body sweat is completely normal. A convenient and affordable solution has finally arrived. 

More than 30% of women surveyed said they experience irritation under their breasts due to heat rash, candidiasis (fungal infection), diaper-rashy conditions, or the friction of their sweaty bra's underwires rubbing beneath their clothes. Nobody talks about their underboob rash but almost one-third of women are experiencing it. Surprise - it's not just you! Swoobie knows about it and they want to help. The soft padding of Swoobie's absorbent core cushions your skin from rubbing underwires and guards against bacteria while locking away excess moisture.

Swoobie believes comfort should come in all sizes. They offer a range of soft, absorbent bra liners to suit all your coverage needs. Swoobies are designed to sit below the nipple to ensure a smooth bustline in close-fitting garments. They come in three sizes – small, medium, and large covering a large range of bra sizes. You can even order and pay for a sample to try them first!

Swoobie liners are made from three layers of highly absorbent materials to wick away sweat, trap it inside and prevent leakage. This moisture-lock system prevents wetness from passing through, keeping your bra dry and the liners secure. The unique design enables full lower coverage across the bottom of the breast with versatile placement for full coverage or revealing necklines.

When I say I love these, I am not exaggerating! I am a middle-aged, menopausal woman. I sweat…a lot…in places I didn’t know I could seat. Under my boobs is one of those places. Before Swoobie all my bras had sweat stains and didn’t last long due to constant washing. Now I am amazed at how dry I stay. Swoobie definitely lives up to its hype! You’re going to want to try these for yourself!


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