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10 Best Games To Spice Up Your Date Night


Are your usual date nights feeling a bit stale? Want to spice up your next date night? Try playing some games together to take things to the next level. 

According to experts, gaming can help manifest different characteristics and elements of a couple that may not be visible in everyday life. In addition, the activities compel two partners to collaborate and communicate to achieve the goal of finishing the game.


So whether it’s a few hands of cards or the old board games gathering dust in your drawer, playing games together can strengthen the relationship aspects that spice up things and bring you closer together. 

10 Best Games To Spice Up Your Date Night

Are you ready to try it? Then, continue reading to explore the best fun games for couples. These games can put a collaborative and competitive spirit into your next date night. 

  1. One Word, One Answer

In couples therapy, experts are known to ask couples how they met. Then, while recalling those good days, they remember why they fall in love. Eventually, it creates a connection and boosts fondness for one another. 

So play this game if you want to go down memory lane. Begin with a word – it can be any word! Your partner will reply with another word, and so on. What’s the aim? Those words and answers might actually tell your love story. 

  1. I Should Have Known That

This date night game will reveal your competitive side. ‘I Should Have Known That’ is an easy-to-play couple game that consists of inflaming questions. And you must know their answers. But, fascinatingly, in this game, you won’t get points for correct answers. Instead, you will lose points with every wrong answer.

You can spend many hours with your partner, laughing and giggling at the questions and the answers. 

  1. Twenty Questions

This game premise is simple – One person who is the ‘answerer’ thinks of an object. The other partner, called the ‘questioner,’ asks 20 yes-or-no questions to know about the object the answerer is thinking. If the questioner can correctly guess within 20 questions, they will win.  

So as your partner, think of a famous personality, and you ask 20 yes-or-no questions to make a correct guess.

  1. Stare off

Trust us; it can be delightful! You and your partner will have to look into each other’s eyes without blinking for as long as possible. 

You can play it anytime, anywhere. However, the game often ends with kissing or something more.

  1. Dare Duel

In this game, you will get turns drawing cards and choosing phrases or words to give romantic and fun dares to one another. Then see who can rise to the challenge well. 

You can make the game unique by making endless combinations of different words and phrases. 

  1. Love Language: The Card Game

While being together for quite a long, it’s natural to lose the sense of curiosity. And this is where the game comes into play. It’s a set of 150 cards where every card focuses on a particular category – Intimacy, Family, Individual, Past & Future, and Couple. 

At every turn, pick a card and ask the question on it to your partner. Then, after having the answer, take the next turn! However, with every answer, you can unveil the mystery of your intriguing partner. 

  1. We’re Not Really Strangers

Here is another card game for couples that can spice up your next date night. You and your partner will have turns answering different questions throughout the game. 

However, the aim will be to answer every question honestly and openly as possible. 

The game also has some wildcard questions and more to add a little bit of spice. 

  1. Machi Koro

A perfect game for a date night! In Machi Koro, you aim to build a city with all the top landmarks before your partner completes. Then, roll one or two dice to check the buildings or landmarks you can make. 

Remember, the first one to create all landmarks will be the winner. 

  1. The Sing-Along Challenge

It doesn’t matter if you can’t sing or have a poor singing voice! You start the game by singing a song and challenge your partner to sing another song with the last word you sang. Missing some notes while singing will let you laugh about something together.

  1. The Pretzel Challenge

This game will let you have some quality together and prepare for a memorable dinner date. Cherish each other’s company while preparing your favorite pretzel recipe in the kitchen. The one who can twist the dough faster into pretzels will win. 

However, no matter who wins, you will have a delicious homemade snack for a dinner date. 


So these are some of the games that can spice up things in your relationship and make for an enthralling date night. Moreover, these games can be an amusing way to know about each other and bring you and your partner closer. 


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