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The last few weeks have been busy with life, but my one escape is reading.  I love to read books that bring me to places I have never been or make me think about things I wouldn't normally.  I just finished watching Luckiest Girl Alive and realized that we all have stories to tell.  The books I escape in are someone's story to tell.  Where is mine?
I think I read a lot because so many authors have different writing styles.  Genres are just a minute way of describing a book or movie.  There is no genre of life.  Our story is our truth and a moment or moments in our lives.  I haven't read a book that has spoken to me in a few weeks.  I have decided I wanted to work on creating my own story.  
If you had to write your own story, would you read it yourself? Would past instances bring you back to a place where you felt safe, scared or just not the person you are today?  Is your story worth telling?  You won't ever know if you don't write it.  I want to read your story. 

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