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Find Holiday Glow with Glo Beauty Skincare Home Peels

Many thanks to Glo Skin Beauty for providing this peel in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own.

Humans have tried to keep their skin young, fresh, and healthy for many many years. From the past, Egyptians and Romans alike had various methods to rejuvenate their skin using available products like milk, grapes, limestone, and even mustard to make facial poultices. As time evolved, so did various methods and enhancements, including the creation and use of chemicals. The development of AHA's, or Alpha Hydroxy acids, changed the foundation of many chemical products and paved the way for the chemical peels we know today.

Chemical peels, especially the deeper kind, can often be expensive and hard to schedule when life gets busy. What if you had a peel that you could do at home, all within 20 minutes? Glo Skin Beauty offers a Hydra Bright AHA glow peel that will relieve your skin of its tired dull dead cells and help replenish moisture, so those young vibrant cells can emerge. 

My facial skin has been dull and needs lots of life. The stress of the past few months combined with lack of sleep and the weirdness in weather has done some damage. This surfacing peel claims to target dullness, tiredness, dryness, and dark spots (hyperpigmentation). Results vary, but the aim is to nourish and hydrate skin. 

This particular peel is recommended for all skin types, including sensitive skin as it's considered a class 1 peel. There are no recommendations to spot test. I always recommend that if you aren't sure how your skin will react to products, do a sample before the entire facial feature, unless you are confident in knowing how your skin will react. 

The kit comes with everything needed to get your peel on. Following the steps is super easy with the instruction sheet that details everything needed for this peel, including all cotton swabs, gauze, etc. 

1. Clean face using provided Hydra Bright AHA cleanser.

2. Use Hydra-Bright Pro 5 Liquid Exfoliant over face.

3. Peel Prep is used next.

4. Apply a layer of barrier balm.

5. Using the provided cotton swab, apply Hydra Bright AHA Glow peel. 

6. After 2-5 minutes, use the Peel Neutralizer for deactivation.

7. Apply Hydra Bright Alpha Arburtin Drops following instructions provided. 

The instructions recommend avoiding heat, humidity, exercise, and scrubbing/ rubbing the skin. All skin types will react differently post peel, so downtime could take anywhere from 0-5 days. Downtime is the time it takes to heal. Skin could be red, peel, or do its own thing and just reverse damage on its own. Not all peels will cause skin to physically peel. 

So, what I noticed is that my skin felt brighter after this peel. I've noticed that some of the distorted pigmentation (from too much sun time) has diminished. My skin has been naturally dry, so I have continued to use sunscreen and daily moisturizer. I didn't have any sensitive reactions. 

Glo's peels are a perfect way to kick off the holiday season in glam and style. From family portraits, meeting Santa under the mistletoe, to Christmas morning present time, your skin will love Glo! Get your Hydra Bright AHA Glo Peel 

Glo also offers some great holiday kits, including routine skincare needs, makeup, and peels to suit various facial needs. Glo products are considered clean beauty, which means that they are sulfate, paraben, and phthalate free along with being vegan & cruelty friendly. A great gift to put under the tree or in a stocking stuffer-even if it's for yourself!

Thanks, Glo Skin Beauty, for participating in our 2022 Holiday Gift Guide! For more gift ideas, check out MBP this holiday season!

Want it? Get it!

Find Holiday Shine by grabbing Glo Skin Beauty's Hydra Bright AHA Glow Peel. Your skin will love you for its new nourishment and hydration! A list of authorized retailers is also available in case a Glo product is available near you, like a Sephora or Saks 5th Avenue. 

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