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Feminine Care & Period Gifts from LOLA

Thanks to LOLA for sending over these great products in exchange for my review. All thoughts are my own. 

Most of us probably have embarrassing stories of our younger years when our menstrual cycles started, caught us off guard, or wreaked havoc with our bodies & emotions, I can think of several instances where I found myself having to hunt down a feminine care product or had incredibly horrible PMS symptoms.

LOLA products offer a safe, easy, and wonderful feminine care products so that our young teens can always be prepared. Perhaps they can even help out their friends. 

Instead of having to embarrassingly ask everyone in the restroom for a needed item, the LOLA First Period Kit offers everything one might need! A Zippered pouch, tampons, liners, and pads are all part of this kit, providing needed supplies for our teens and their friends. 

While this might not be an under the tree open in front of everyone in the house kit, this gift is surely something special for our young teens entering puberty and figuring out their bodies, hormones, and cycles. With tips, a sticker tracking sheet, and a downloadable Q&A brochure, this kit has everything needed to learn about periods. It would make a great gift for teens in their young years, as they are nervous about their bodies, nervous about changes in front of their peers, and what they need to do. 

For adults, LOLA has plenty of supplies too! Regular Tampons, Menstrual Cups, and even period underwear available and on-hand will make our monthly cycles easier when they arrive. LOLA even provides products for vaginal health, sex, and fertility needs. 

Tampons are organic, free of toxins and dyes, and are gynecologist approved.  They are also offered applicator free, cardboard applicator, or plastic applicator styles. We know that one of the growing concerns is what toxins, chemicals, and dyes are used in everyday tampons and pads. Knowing what LOLA puts in theirs does offer comfort and peace of mind.

One of my favorite things that LOLA offers are on-the-go heat patches. During my cycle, I often just want to lie on the heating pad all the time. Yet, life beckons and I must work, I must go out, I must, well, live life. 

These heating patches provide up to 11 hours of relief. It adheres to clothing via adhesive, and shouldn't be placed directly on skin. Yet, they provide relief and warmth to help soothe those cramps and aches. Patches should be used immediately after opening the package. 3 come in a box- or find the value kit for more! 

Have a question? Check out Lola's The Spot; the blog where all questions about periods, sex, pregnancy, and other feminine needs can be answered. 

LOLA products can be purchased individually or via subscription. While with some, subscriptions have a bad rap; with feminine products, it's always safer to have some around, versus having to run out if your cycle starts earlier than expected. We know stress plays a large part in our hormones, and sometimes we can't always predict everything accurately! Stay stress-free and keep LOLA feminine products on hand for those unexpected surprises. 

This holiday season, definitely add LOLA to your list for intimate personal gifts. Whether it's the First Time Period Kit or a value kit, these products will enhance your overall wellbeing and help you learn about your own body and its needs. LOLA is committed to making products that a) we know what is in them and (b) are actually good for our bodies. A gift that is usable, needed, and health conscious is always a plus on my holiday gift list! 

Thanks to LOLA for participating in the 2022 Mommy's Block Party Holiday Gift Guide

Want it? Get it!

LOLA Products, like the First Period Kit, make great gifts! 

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