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Why Sleepwear Is Important For A Great Night’s Sleep

 Like other parts of your life, a good outfit might help you to get the job done. This is especially true when it comes to getting a great night’s sleep!

Wearing the right kind of sleepwear can potentially be a complete game changer for getting the right amount of sleep each night. Having adequate rest is important to your daily health and wearing great sleepwear could be the key to unlocking this!

Quality sleepwear such as the sets offered by renowned brand Eberjey is a great way to keep cozy all year round while also maintaining a healthy and comfortable body temperature as you sleep.

You may be a little disorientated by all the brands, colors, textures, and styles on offer. But there are a few more important factors you need to consider. We’ve outlined these in the article below.

Regulate Body Temperature

Your body temperature plays a significant role in the overall quality of your sleep. As a result, sleepwear is designed to improve your sleep by regulating your body temperature accordingly.

If you are overheated during the night then your body will be unable to move into the necessary “rebuild” mode which is imperative for your well-being. And if you are too cold at night, your immune system may suffer and your body will likely not get the rest it needs. Luckily, pajamas like these pajama sets from Canada are sure to keep you cosy even during the coldest winter night. 

Quality sleepwear will make sure your body is at an optimal body temperature to guarantee a healing and generally great night’s sleep.

To Ensure Your Comfort

We all associate sleepwear with comfort. But current sleepwear brands truly have mastered the art of maximizing comfort at all times!

Sleepwear should give you full motion so you do not feel restricted, squeezed, or pinched as you are sleeping. Any sleepwear that has these qualities will likely begin to feel irritating and highly uncomfortable which may lead to endless tossing and turning at bedtime.

If this is something you struggle with, you might want to try wearing a nightgown or an oversized shirt as these offer complete freedom of movement. You need to ditch the undergarments if you choose this type of sleepwear as they can cause irritation and even a build-up of bacteria or excess moisture!

Helps You Wind Down

Pajamas aren’t just for lounging around watching Netflix or for working from home. Sleepwear is often used as a reminder for an upcoming bedtime. It’s sort of like when you take off your work clothes at the end of your working day and change into something a bit more freeing and comfortable.

In layman’s terms, putting sleepwear on is a great way to slip into a different mindset where you can relax away from the stressors of your day and get ready to sleep the night away.

You can even maximize the effects of sleepwear by adding a nighttime ritual. For example, turn off your screens by a particular time, play some relaxing sounds or your favorite music, and curl up under your covers with a book to help your mind drift off. Family matching sleepwear can even help your children get into the habit of creating special evening rituals for a better night's sleep.

Essentially, putting on sleepwear helps you begin to relax your mind enough to slip into a deep sleep.

For Breathability

Unless you prefer to sleep in your birthday suit, making sure your chosen sleepwear is completely breathable is critical for a great night’s sleep!

If you opt for fabrics that don’t have this quality you are putting yourself at risk of overheating, bacteria build-up, and generally feeling uncomfortable throughout the whole night.

While it’s important to dress for the climate and your body temperature, you also need to ensure that you focus on breathability. As a result, you should consider materials like fleece, cotton, linen, or silk when you are looking for new sleepwear. 

The sleepwear you end up wearing will depend on the season and personal preferences. For example, you will want to consider warmer and fluffier fleece sleepwear for the colder winter months, and a cotton sleep shirt for warmer summer nights.

Both of these sleepwear items provide you with the type of breathability that you so desperately need to get a great night’s sleep!


From helping you unwind to allowing your body to breathe as you get your well-needed rest, choosing the right kind of sleepwear plays a very important role in getting a great night’s sleep! By taking the time to consider the above factors, you’ll be on your way to a fulfilling night of full relaxation in no time at all.

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