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The Surprise Call That Lifted Me Up


A few weeks ago, I received a call on my cellphone from an unknown local number. I don't usually like to answer calls from numbers I don't recognize, but since my kids have started in a new school this year, I've gotten into the habit of answering those calls, in case it's a call from a teacher. It was a lovely lady who took the time to call, on behalf of the Church of JCLS. She asked if she could share a scripture verse and prayer with me over the phone.

I try to be as polite as possible when we receive door-to-door visits from members of other faiths, denominations, and churches. I shared that I was a Christian, and very involved in my church, along with my entire family. So pleased to hear this, the lady on the other line shared verses about God's goodness and His faithfulness. While our family has endured a lot of strange things and a lot of life changes this year, I found hope and comfort in these scripture verses. This woman, who I did not know, reminded me very much of my grandmother, who would in times of trouble, pain, or fear, quote scripture, and remind me to turn my eyes and my heart to the Lord- our comfort and strength.

I wasn't expecting that phone call, friends. It had been a chaotic, trying morning, and I would have given anything to get it back on track. God knew what my heart needed at that moment, and I like to think that a Divine exchange took place that morning. We may have differences in our exact beliefs, but the woman and I both love Jesus and talked a lot about how important it is to live by His example during our time here on earth.

A phone call- from a stranger, turned my heart to the Lord that morning and lifted me up. God has a way of showing up when we least expect it, even when we know we need Him so desperately, but fail to look and listen for Him. This week, I'm praying that you will see God's goodness and love in ways you might not have expected. Lift up your head, and walk in confidence, knowing that you do not walk along your path alone.

Want to talk about Jesus? Want to share thoughts about faith? I'd love to connect. Shoot me an email at themommyblog83@gmail.com.

Blessings on your week,

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