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How to help your kids keep track of their math abilities


Although math abilities can vary widely from student to student, it is important that students maintain steady growth in order to succeed in their studies and beyond. Parents can do a number of things to help their students keep track of where they are so that they are able to continue building upon their skills. By keeping track of their math abilities, students also avoid the chance of falling behind and getting stuck. 

One way to help your child is by creating a personalized learning plan based on their needs. Since every child is unique, having a plan that addresses their specific needs and abilities will be the most effective. There are a few things to keep in mind as you create your plan. First, consider your child's learning style. Do they prefer hands-on activities? Are they visual learners? Do they like to move around or stay in one place? Understanding your child's learning style will help you choose materials and activities that will engage them and facilitate their learning. You may also want to consider your child's interests. By incorporating activities that relate to their interests, you will help them stay motivated and engaged in their learning. Depending on your child's developmental level, you will need to choose activities and materials that are appropriate for their age and stage of development. By taking the time to create a personalized learning plan, you can ensure that your child gets the individualized attention they need to thrive.

With today’s unlimited digital resources, you can access a number of tools that will help your kids to keep track of their math abilities. A great resource to start with is a handy skill assessment of math. This will offer a clear starting point and highlight areas of strength and weaknesses. Another option is to have your child complete high-quality worksheets and engage in interactive math games and programs that reinforce math skills and monitor progress. Used correctly, technology can be used to stimulate curiosity and encourage students to explore new concepts. Ongoing assessment in all of these formats will serve as a powerful tool for keeping your child on track. 

As with anything else, practice will be an important factor in maintaining solid math skills. Encourage your child to practice math regularly, even if it's just 10 minutes per day. Try to make fun of these brief moments by pairing them with occasional rewards (kids love incentives!). You can also mix up the format in order to keep it fresh and new for your child. A combination of drills, verbal responses, worksheets, and online games are all great options. You may consider keeping some of these things in a portfolio in order to more easily access and view your child’s progress. Oftentimes, students need a refresher even after they have mastered a concept, especially if they haven’t been required to use a particular skill for some time. 

Real-world opportunities are always great ways for students to check and practice their skills in a meaningful and practical way. Measurements, projects, cooking, shopping, and more are a part of daily life, and students should be strong and confident in their abilities to perform these and other related math skills. The more you can get your student to connect math to the real world, the more you will encourage them to think outside the box and begin seeing many things with a new set of eyes. When students are able to have a shift in perspective, they are naturally more inclined to adopt a more positive outlook. 

Math may continue to be one of the more challenging subjects for all students, but as they begin to tackle and master concepts, it is key that you support them by helping them to stay on track. As discussed, you can do this in many ways. Outlining your student’s math goals and creating a plan of action to meet their needs will further help to ensure a successful journey in mathematics. 

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