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How Many Types of Custom Miniatures Are There?


Miniatures are actually small-size replicas or made models of something else. Some of the time, these are toys, puppets, demonstrational bits, or collectibles. Due to their small size and exact details, minis might be complex to handcraft, particularly in a more gravid quantity. 3-D printing, then again, allows a way to make up miniatures with nice quality and output time.

But in order to pull round work for your needs, in that respect, there are a couple of truths to consider in respect to 3-D printing custom miniatures and small figurines and minis. Custom miniatures come in different types so you can choose from them.

Different types of custom miniatures:

In that respect, there are a lot of areas where modest replicas and models are utilized, each area with its elaborations, respectively. Here are the following types of custom miniatures.

  • Tabletop wargaming minis

  • Action figures

  • Scale models

  • Diorama pieces

  • Model figures

  • Landscape models

  • Dollhouse props

  • Educational models

  • Rail transport models


Although all custom miniatures have a lot in mutual, they differ not just in size simply as well in the functionality of bits as well as accuracy and rigor requisites. As a consequence, certain output methods and 3-D printing stuff will suit each sort of bit better.

Why should you go for 3D custom miniatures?

3-D printing is a beneficial method of acquiring customized parts in small quantities. With a quick 3-D model, turnarounds for printing statuettes are as well quite curt. FDM and DUP printing ways are generally low-cost as well. A lot of precise ways have an emulous advantage of accuracy while it refers to thin points and let to make more miniature statuettes.

3-D printed D&D custom miniatures will not be capable of amply replacing great handmade bits, all the same if they are a good choice or a ground for painting and custom-making.

To boot, when a lot of similar models are needed, a 3-D printed master model will get inaccessible for casting designs.

Helpful Tips for Making 3-D and Custom Miniatures:

In that respect, there are two primary options you are able to utilize to order 3-D printing of custom miniatures:

  • Fast Order

  • Having a Quote 

If you already get a printable 3-D custom miniature and know for certain what stuff fits your application, then fast order will plausibly be the most comfortable way for you. Upload your miniatures, pick out specs, and fill in livery details to acquire the cost approximation and order 3-D prints:

For more complex models or casts without optimized 3-D models, we suggest utilizing the "Get a Quote" choice. A quote provides adjoining a print service prior to besetting a price and specs. That way, you are able to get assistance with picking out suitable settings and technology to accomplish the goals or order extra services suchlike post-processing, painting, and application.

To research sellers that propose 3-D printing, visit the catalog for miniature printers to get the best. This way as well aids in finding a particular technology, suchlike SLA printing service or Material Jetting.

You are able to check out design on-demand as well as propose to have a terminus a quo and apply for a 3-D model 1st or find appropriate 3-D printed tabletop bits in their store.

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