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XO Baking Co's Gluten-Free Baking MIxes Make for a Great School Year + Back to School Variety Pack Giveaway


Thanks to XO Baking Co for sending these great gluten-free mixes! All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Do you ever think about the impact of the food choices we make? Over the years, we have seen lots of companies introduce fat-free, sugar-free, diabetic-friendly, & grains foods. For those of us with food allergies, food aversions, and digestive difficulties, many of the processed foods we eat can be harmful to our bodies. I have a lot of friends that have gone gluten-free due to Celiac's disease, IBS, and other digestive track difficulties. 

Lately, I've noticed that, even though I LOVE my breads, carbs, and bake goods, the side effects aren't always pleasant. The irritable digestive system combined with lethargy and bloating, alongside of my bad acid-reflux, have caused me to take a look at what and how I eat. I have not gone totally gluten-free, but I have had discussions with my doctors about what types of foods I should avoid and eat more. We are always told to eat a fresh diet: lots of veggies, fruits, etc., but what about when you are short on time? Or love baked goods, such as I do? Or when you are diagnosed with a disease, like Celiac's, and can no longer partake in your favorites? 

Gluten is a protein that is found in many grains. It helps provide texture and shape to dough as it allows the dough to rise, be stretchable, and have its elastic consistency. More and more people are choosing to go gluten-free or finding out they have a sensitivity to this protein. Also, I think because we eat so much processed foods, that our grains aren't always whole, thus wreaking havoc on our systems.  Plus, there are so many additives in our foods that we don't even realize! I'm far from "clean" but I am learning more and more that I dislike what goes into my body. 

At any rate, when I had the chance to check out XO Baking Co products, I was excited to see how they fared. Unfortunately, many gluten-free options just don't taste well, because regular grains (flour, etc.) can't be used. XO Baking CO provides wonderful gluten-free and rice-free baking mixes that are full of flavor, texture, and are GMO free. While XO Baking Co is not certified vegan, they do not use dairy or egg products in the creation of their mixes. Those products can be used to create the item, or use a substitute if needed. They are certified Tree-Nut free, but check with your doctor because they do use coconut in their mixes. Mixes are kosher and free of artificial flavorings and trans fats. 

XO Baking Co offers a variety of mixes, including pancake, pizza dough, and chocolate chip cookies. Don't forget to check out their baking basics, like the All Ground Flour and Vanilla Buttercream Icing. While I love baking from scratch, and often find it easier, there are times when a good mix is needed, especially for pancakes! Gluten-free baking is hard, and it's not great when you see a child not able to participate in an activity because of what they can/can't eat, so I've become sensitive towards this, not only with myself, but with my friend's families as well. 

I was sent a variety of mixes to try out. I immediately tried the pancake mix. Add eggs and milk, mix up, and be on your way to a great pancake or waffle. Most gluten-free mixes have a weird texture that doesn't taste well, but this mix is great. Xantham Gum is added along with the various flours and cane sugar. The instructions also provide dairy free substitutes as well. 

Second, I was in the mood for chocolate chip cookies. Cookies are one of my downfalls. I love chocolate chip cookies. Yet, the ingredients are not always kind to my stomach and cause flare-ups of IBS. So, after making the mix and baking the cookies, I sunk my teeth into a warm gooey delicious treat! My cookies stayed soft and chewy, despite the website's description about crunchiness on the outside. Perhaps I needed to leave them in longer, perhaps the dough was too "wet". The egg and butter act as the binder in the mix, but I did find it difficult to get the dry mix to mesh together, even with softened butter. 

I haven't had the opportunity to use the other mixes yet. The biscuit/ scone and pizza dough are high on my priority list. Yet, I'm also excited that a simple yellow cake mix with buttercream icing does exist. Yellow cake is my favorite. I've heard that it's very difficult to find good cake mixes, so if XO Baking Co has superb chocolate chip cookies, then I'm sure their cake has great flavors and textures too!

As your family heads back to school, make sure that your family has plenty of XO Baking Co products to survive the fall! No matter whether it's Friday night pizza, lunchbox chocolate chip cookies, or pancakes for breakfast (or even dinner), the gluten-free mixes of XO Baking Co will deliver great baked goods straight to your table! Don't forget to check out the recipes section, because there are some great ideas to put great baked goods on the table for your family this year. 

Want it? Get it!

Find your favorite mix from XO Baking Co to make tasty, wonderful creations. Mixes can also be purchased from Amazon or you may be able to use the search feature to find out if they are carried in your area. 

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Want it? Win it! 

One lucky MBP reader will win a Back to School variety pack of XO Baking Co's mixes! Good luck!

The giveaway is open to US residents, 18+. Products will be shipped directly to the winner once the winner's information is confirmed. Mommy's Block Party is not responsible for prize fulfillment. Just use the handy RC entry form below to enter for your chance to win! Come back every day to get your entries in.

Special thanks to XO Baking Co sponsoring this giveaway!

Do you follow a gluten-free plan? 


  1. These look so tasty 😋.My sister can't eat gluten and this would be great for cooking when she's around! You guys always find great products.

  2. I love tiramisu and chocolate chip cookies

  3. I try to stay gluten-free, because gluten is affects the gut in a negative way. I also try to stay low-sugar.


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