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Nourish Your Skin And Body With Canus Goat's Milk

Thanks to Canus for sending along product to review. All thoughts shared are my own.

Either you or someone you love has sensitive skin.

In my family, my son and myself have skin that can be a bit testy. It's not serious, but I try my best to provide skincare products for my family that are void of harsh ingredients. I've been interested in goat's milk products for quite a few years. 

Goat's milk is packed with nutrients and vitamins which make it the perfect ingredient for dry skin and a host of other skin issues. The naturally occurring acids in the milk help to prevent the skin from being stripped of it's natural moisture and help to maintain the natural alkalinity in the skin. If you do a little bit of research about the benefits of goat's milk, you'll be blown away!

My youngest son enjoys taking baths and I haven't been able to find a bath soak for him that I felt was safe enough for his skin. However, Canus makes the perfect bubble bath and I'm so excited to have found it!

Foaming Milk Bath With Lavender Oil

I just pour a cap full into the tub and the aroma is so beautiful. I've been enjoying a wind-down bath with this foaming milk bath, myself. I play soothing music or even read whatever the latest novel is and completely let myself relax. This luxurious cream leaves your body so soft and moisturized.

While that's a top pick, the body lotion may be even higher on the list for me. 

Nature by Canus

It's $15.99 and will become your absolute favorite lotion to use before bed. I love that it comes in an unscented version but I also enjoy original recipe scent which is hard to describe. It's a scent that transported me as soon as I inhaled. I felt as if I was in my grandmother's home, after she had hung her laundry out on the line, used wood furniture polish and scrubbed her floors. It smells as if you're walking through a beautiful country store and every corner is something to behold with all of your senses. It's a fragrance that meant so much to me, I am savoring it every single day. It's a fragrance that is going to mean something new to every single person who uses the product. All I can say is that it transported me to another place and another time in the very best way.

Canus products are for every member of the family, even the littlest ones. 

The Lil Goats line would make the perfect baby shower gift for an expecting mama! 

If you've been looking for a skincare line that is perfect for your sensitive skin, has the MOST unique fragrances that won't overwhelm but take you on a journey, definitely check out Canus!


You can check out all of their amazing soaps, lotions and bath products on their website. Also feel free to connect with Canus on Facebook and Instagram

We are proud to partner with such an incredible company and can't thank our friends at Canus enough!



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