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In 1998, Pamela Gail Johnson created a secret society for happy people. She wanted to invest and ensure happiness in those who were happy so that they had a safe place to talk about their feelings. The secret part was ensuring that those negative Nellies or Debbie downers of the world wouldn't take over, killing another person's happiness.

Have you ever realized that you latch onto the moods of those around you? Happiness and Negativity are infectious in their own rights, each with their own set outlooks on life. People who are genuinely happy love sharing their happiness with others. They have a life perspective that is often full of blessing and abundance. Those who latch onto negativity often live with fear and anxiety. 

Today, choose to be happy! In fact, participate in Happiness Happens Day and infect others with your positivity and radiate joy! The Secret Society for Happy people has developed 31 types, or ways, that folks can feel or share happiness. 

Choose a couple from the list below and see how your day, week, and life perspective is changed! Doesn't mean life won't be challenging, but it will be full of abundant love and joy!

Amusement, Blessed, Celebrate, Cheerful, Confident, Content, Creative, Enthusiastic, Fun, Giving, Grateful, Helpful, Honorable, Humor, Inspired, Joyful, Kind, Love, Motivated, Nostalgic, Optimistic, Peaceful, Playful, Proud, Relieved, Respectful, Satisfaction, Social, Spiritual, Successful, Valued

What makes you happy? 

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