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How to Survive at the Work When Going Through a Divorce


Divorce is usually devastating both physically and mentally. But if you haven’t got a spare fortune to manage your living, you still have work to do and a routine to follow despite your relationship hurdles. More to this, considering that you will live on your own income only, you can hardly afford not to work around your marriage termination time. 

Your task is to adjust your work conditions so that you can perform well and go through a divorce without any complications. Here are some tips for you to succeed. 

Adjust Your Work Pace

The divorce process may take much time and energy to complete. Sometimes you may need a day off, while in other cases calls during the lunch break will be enough to control the situation. Commonly, if you go for an online divorce Texas, you can spend several hours a week here and there to finalize the case. But if your case is a more complicated one, the procedures can last several months and require your maximum involvement. In any case, it may be necessary for you to adjust your work schedule. Review what you can do to combine your work and divorce timetables successfully:

  • announce to your boss your situation but don’t go into many details;

  • take time off if necessary and possible;

  • delegate responsibilities or get an assistant if possible;

  • don’t use an intensive workload as an escape from your personal issues.

This way you will be able to maintain personal economic stability and proceed with your divorce issues successfully. Remember to take regular breaks and not overload yourself and you will reach the desired outcomes eventually. 

Assign Divorce-Related Time

The fact that you are surviving divorce shouldn’t define your workday and lower your productivity, otherwise, you may lose your main source of income and spoil your reputation at work. The key to a successful combination of work and divorce processes is being able to separate the related tasks efficiently. Check out the simple strategies for you:

  • create separate mailboxes for work and personal issues; get different phone numbers as well;

  • don’t check divorce-related emails, calls, and messages during worktime;

  • try not to use lunchbreak for marriage termination issues, better get a healthy meal and take a walk then;

  • do all your divorce business before or after work.

When it comes to deciding on divorce-related time in your daily schedule, you should choose whether you sort out your private issues before or after a workday. On one hand, dealing with divorce tasks in the morning may spoil the mood for the rest of the day. On the other hand, waiting for the evening to come to solve some divorce issues may make you think about your private troubles throughout the workday. There is no one unique solution. It is up to you how to separate the tasks, just do it to succeed in both fields easier.

Get Rid of Distractions

If you still keep family photos and other sweet mementos on your work desk, get rid of them as soon as possible. They won’t help you overcome divorce and work peacefully at all. Contrastly, any similar personal belongings will distract you from work and make you emotionally vulnerable. You may zone out more often recalling your past, dwelling on how to get through a divorce, whining about your unsorted future, and so on. As a result, you will do nothing but make unnecessary drama for your colleagues to spectate. It’s better to clean your desk and replace the personal items with motivational posters, reminders, etc.

The same goes for your phone. It contains even more reminders and temptations that may drag you into thoughts about past and present private problems. So, clean around your photo gallery, set blockers to social media not to stalk your ex, and apply neutral wallpapers.

Get Equipped with Free-Time Activities

It is obvious that you don’t work all the time throughout the workday but take breaks from time to time and have a large pause for a lunch at least. This means you have some free time during and after work for sure. Instead of sitting in the corner of your office and crying about why is divorce so hard or munching ice cream and whining over some romantic film on your own, you should find some useful things for you to do.

If you have activities on your mind, you will have fewer possibilities to get depressed about your relationship hurdles or spend time planning revenge on your ex. You can devote your free time to physical activities, practicing mindfulness, taking a walk around the office, reading a motivational book, and so on. In the outcomes, you will get inspired and recharged for your work tasks and feel better in general. 

Create Support System

Creating a trustworthy support system means going through a divorce faster and with a smaller negative impact on your work. It is better if you keep your colleagues out of your support group. Then you will prevent your divorce story from turning into office gossip and getting a biased attitude from your co-workers as a result.

It is great if you surround yourself with caring friends and relatives who can lead you through the tough life period. A good therapist can also provide you with necessary solutions for divorce hurdles so that you can care about your physical and mental wellness. This all will help you balance work and divorce issues without complications on any side. 

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