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Benefits you will see after going to a marriage counselor in therapy

Getting married is something the majority of people do at least once in their lifetime; choosing marriage in order to acquire the traditional benefits of a loving and secure haven, a union where children are welcomed, and the times of both joy and hardship are shared.

Unfortunately, the reality is that few married couples experience such a fairytale marriage. The truth is that living with another person can get messy. People change as they mature, powerful attractions fade – and sometimes flare elsewhere, resentment builds and day to day living can become more of a chore than a dream come true.

Some will stick with it, perhaps compromising a lot to do so, others will be too eager to call it quits, assuming a divorce will magically resolve all the issues involved in a relationship which quite clearly isn’t working for one or both parties. Not enough will attempt to make good use of a third option – marriage counseling. This is a valuable way of sorting through the problem, and reaching a compromise on the best way to proceed, whether that involves reuniting or exploring the possibility of divorce.

To explore this idea further let’s look at just a few of the major benefits you could enjoy in your relationship after going to marriage therapy.

Benefit #1 – Open and honest communication gets easier
Failing marriages can easily become a whirl of anger, resentment and pain, making fair and open communication pretty much impossible. Having a neutral therapist guide your interactions can really help establish more productive methods when sharing feelings Getting a little distance encourages objectivity, which in turn helps couples avoid making rash decisions based on powerful negative emotions.

Benefit #2 – Marriage therapy helps couples resolve issues productively
It is always going to be difficult for a couple to overcome major problems between them when they are so close to the emotional turmoils of a marriage in crisis. It’s amazing to see how often having a safe space to be completely open can lead to positive, even healing, communication.

Benefit #3 - You can learn ways to overcome disagreements in a healthier way
Arguments and differences are almost inevitable in even the most stable of romantic relationships, but learning how to approach them, and how to really listen to what each partner has to say, can transform the way a marriage functions.

Benefit #4 - You will learn how to be assertive without being offensive. Both spouses need to be able to talk about their issues without fear of hurting the other spouse. In marriage counseling, you will learn that you can get what you need without having to make demands and engage in conflict.

Benefit #5 - Both partners will gain a much greater understanding of their spouse – including their needs, wants, and attitudes

An added benefit is that both partners learn just as much about themselves at the same time. Overall, this knowledge is invaluable in helping both sides either strengthen their relationship by identifying common values and desires, as well as perhaps coming to a mutual agreement to end the marriage officially with less friction and anger than would have been possible without marriage counseling.

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