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5 Tips For Choosing Stylish Accessories


Accessories are a fantastic way to spice up your outfit, but choosing which ones to use is not an easy task. No matter who you ask, accessory styling varies and can even go against each other. 

The truth is, accessories are supposed to complement your outfit and also show off your personality. So one person's style can completely vary from yours. Despite this, some tips can help you to decide what accessories will match your unique style.

Types Of Accessories

Before going into the tips, it’s good to know what you’re working with. There are many types of accessories that can go on essentially any part of your body. Here are the main types you will find.

Head Accessories

Accessorizing your head can do a lot for an outfit and you have many choices about what to use. You can go for some fashionable clips or scrunchies, or a pair of stylish and functional sunglasses. 

The easiest way to style your head is to wear a hat. A hat can bring a look together and can show off your personality. To find your perfect hat then you can look here for more information.


Belts are a great way to accentuate your curves, they can come in a variety of styles to match your outfit. You can go for a slim, thick, plain, or patterned belt. They are best paired with a simple dress to give it some dimension.


Possibly the most functional accessory on the market. Handbags not only look great but can carry extra accessories. 


When people think of accessories, jewelry is usually the first thing on their minds. Earrings, necklaces, rings, and bracelets are a fantastic way to bring a bit of sparkle to a look.


You wear shoes daily, so you must have options to style your outfits with. The staple 3 to have in your wardrobe are a plain pair of heels, some comfortable flats, and a white pair of sneakers. Of course, shoes are so versatile that they can be the statement piece of your outfit. In addition, shoes can be elevated with a touch of personal style through the artful use of various laces, whether it's the rugged charm of rope laces, the sophisticated allure of leather laces, the luxurious elegance of silk, or the countless other options that allow for endless possibilities in shoe customization.

Match Your Metals

This is a common piece of advice you will receive, but that doesn’t make it not important. You have to make sure that any metal on your outfit matches the accessories you choose, this makes your outfit cohesive and intentional. This is especially important for formal occasions.

Of course, you can mix similarly colored metals like platinum and silver if you want to add extra style. You can find jewelry that tastefully incorporates 2 different kinds of metal but you ideally want to wear these on their own.

Choose Bold Colors Or Patterns

When you have a simple outfit then accessories can bring a pop of color. They are a safe way to bring fun to an outfit if you don’t want to go too bold with your clothes.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Accessories That Don't Match

You may hear people say that you need to match your shoes with your bag, but that is not the case. In fact, it can make your outfit seem quite conservative. Experiment with your colors and styles to find what works for you.

You can even layer your accessories to mimic the fashionable boho style.

Pick A Piece That Will Work With Anything

The best advice when starting your accessory journey is to find a piece that can work with anything. This can be a simple pendant or studs, or you can go for an intricate ring. There are a lot of accessories in the world so starting small can help you find other pieces to work around your one piece.

Don't Follow Fads

We’re not telling you to avoid them entirely, but there is a difference between trending fashion and fads. If you find that you like a fad then by all means go along with it, but wasting money on something that will go out of style for 2 weeks isn’t ideal. You instead want to buy pieces that will be stylish for years to come.

Final Thoughts

You may hear that the way you accessorize can make or break an outfit, but as long as you wear what makes you happy and you wear it with confidence, then any outfit is made.

Accessories are the best place to experiment with your style, buy what you love and you will find a time you can use it. Who knows, you may even start a new fashion trend.

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