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How Can Women Find the Best Hat That Fits Their Personality?


A woman’s personal style can say a lot about them. It all starts from the clothes you sport, the shoes you choose and the accessories you select. Everything sends a message to the people who see you. And that’s why people consider fashion as one of the best channels to express your distinctive personality. It's entirely on you what the world gets to see about you, and you can also mix and match your attire and accessories. 

One of the most overlooked accessories is a hat. Today, a hat is a functional and trendy accessory that can secure a woman from the harsh elements and also enable them to flaunt their best style. However, here are some of the women's western hats that can denote your personality type for you to make a better decision. 

  1. A baseball cap

It is a hat that athletes mostly wear. However, today's baseball caps have become a popular hat woman have started wearing recently in the United States. The objective of the baseball cap is to secure your face from the sun and it also appears as a great style accessory. Also, these hats can get customized to comprise personal branding, initials, logos, and names. You will also find different variants of these caps, such as curved, flat, and slightly curved bills. And these variations can enable several choices for customization. Also, you can opt-in for a curved bill to rest your sunglasses atop an added accessory. 

The baseball cap suggests that you are cool, calm, and a collected person who has a more "go with the flow” kind of personality. 

  1. The Fedora

The fedora came into the scene during the late 1800s and then became popular amongst celebrities. And within a less span of time, most people were sporting the fedora. People were wearing it because the hat was stylish and it also was functional. There was a time when the fedora hat was considered a feminist symbol that highlighted resistance against gender roles. Today, both women and men have sported the fedora as a style accessory and also to denote sophistication and class. 

The fedora hats get made from a wide variety of materials, like leather, straw, fabric and felt. Usually, fedoras come across as a statement piece hat. Hence, if you are someone who wants to showcase a classy and polished style, then this hat is for you. 

  1. The wide-brimmed hat

If you look around, you will find that the wide-brimmed, floppy hat has gained success for several years. And you can personalize these hats and make them appear simple, sober yet extravagant, that it can make heads turn. It is one of the best hats that can help you stay secure from the sun's scorching rays. The long brim of this hat makes sure that your face stays secured from the heat. And if you are someone who wants to highlight her grace and femininity in the way you dress and accessorize, then this is the best hat for you. 

Once you know your personality, you can choose the best hat that complements you. The choices mentioned above can help you to determine your personal correctly. 

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