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What Kind of Stroller Can I Take on a Plane? Airline Rules & Tips!

 Traveling with an infant is more complex, and flying with infants is stressful and often frustrating, especially on flights with long overhauls at big airports. Carrying kids through long hallways between airport terminals. Travel strollers are a lifesaver. People often ask me, what kind of stroller can I take on a plane? This post will meet all the queries. Let's begin. 

Can I Take a Stroller on a Plane?  

Can I take a stroller on a plane? The most straightforward answer is Yes. Most airlines do not charge extra for any stroller for a baby under two years old. But then again, it's always best to get confirmed before flying for any budget airline.   

What Kind of Stroller Can I Take on a Plane?  

 The next question people ask is, what kind of stroller can I take on the plane? When choosing a stroller, it's best to take a small stroller like an umbrella stroller. Umbrella strollers can be folded compactly and can be stowed in the airlines. The airlines do not accept full-sized strollers as they are bulky. While gate checking a stroller, keep in mind to remove any accessories like cup holders attached to this stroller. Then securely strap in the folds and keep them folded before getting checked. If you are still in doubt about, what kind of stroller can I take on a plane, then you can check for the best lightweight strollers available on the market. If you need two babies to carry while traveling, check out these amazing lightweight double strollers.

Can I take a Stroller as a Cabin or Checked Baggage?  

Nowadays, most domestic and international airlines allow gate check-in for strollers. Once someone arrives at the aircraft ladder point or aero bridge, the airline staff will load the checked-in bags. And after arrival, the cabin crew will unload and retrieve the stroller at the ladder point.   

Most airlines provide this service; if your Airline offers check-in, it is better to opt for it. While checking in, the risks are minimal that your stroller will get mishandled. Moreover, you may roam around the airport until departure or after arrival. Not only that, if the stroller is checked-in, you do not have to worry about the stroller on the luggage carousel. 


Stroller Airlines Rules:  

American Airlines:  

American Airlines allows each ticketed customer to carry one stroller. The stroller needs to be minor, collapsible, and lightweight, up to 20 lbs./ 9kg. Only then can it be checked at the gate. Any stroller that weighs more than 20 lbs /9kgs is too large or non-collapsible and must be inspected at the ticket counter.   

British Airlines:  

British Airlines allows strollers at the aircraft door on arrival. The stroller can be collected at the aircraft door at most airports if the maximum dimensions are 46-inch X 15 inches X 15 inches (folded).  

However, in the case of large strollers or double and multi-piece strollers are allowed until the departure gate. But on arrival, these large pushchairs must be picked up at the luggage carousel in the luggage hall.  

Tips: The distances between terminals at many airports are long. If your pushchair does not meet the specifications, be prepared to transport your baby to the aircraft door. Many parents wear slings to carry their baby to keep their hands free. 

Delta Airlines:  

Delta Airlines does not come with any children's stroller and seat restraints, and these strollers are not counted as part of standard baggage, so they can be easily checked for free. These items can also be checked at the ticket counter, the curbside, or the gate.   

Emirates Airlines:  

Emirates airlines allow around 10 kg and one bag for an infant. In addition, it's permitted to bring a carrycot or fully collapsible stroller inside the cabin if there's room. Furthermore, they will not count the stroller as your luggage allowance while checking the baggage.  

Cathay Pacific Airlines:   

The Airline allows a car seat alongside an umbrella-type collapsible stroller when traveling with an infant on the plane. However, Cathay pacific is way more flexible for infants. For example, it allows you to carry a small bag of food and nappies for the flight.   

Turkish Airlines:   

Turkish airlines allow all kinds of baby strollers or pushchairs to be brought to the aircraft's door, but here's the catch it only allows detachable pushchairs, baby carriers, or car seats to be taken to the cabin with you. The airlines carry these pushchairs free of charge.  

Ryan Airlines:   

Two items of any baby equipment are allowed free of charge per child by Ryan airlines. So, you can easily carry a pushchair, booster seat, car seat, or carrycot. The pushchairs can be checked in at the gate. Note: local rules and conditions are applicable. Contact the Airline for detailed information. 

Air Asia:  

Baby strollers /prams /buggies are permitted as checked baggage as long as an adult or a child uses them. Otherwise, a checked baggage allowance must be reserved in advance. 

Air Canada   

Air Canada has two types of stroller rules: one for the large stroller and the other for the small strollers.  

Small strollers: Air Canada strongly recommends the usage of small collapsible umbrella-type strollers. Any stroller with a collapsed diameter not more than 25.5 cm and a length that should not exceed 92 cm can be checked free of charge at the baggage counter or the boarding gate. Once accepted at the baggage counter, your stroller is delivered to your final destination's arrival baggage hall. At every point in your journey, it will be delivered to the aircraft door when you've accepted it at the boarding gate. 

Large strollers: The gate facilities of the airports are not designed to accommodate large and heavy strollers. Depending on the fare type, heavy strollers must be checked in and count toward the maximum number of checked bags allowed. These large strollers are also subjected to size and weight limitations. Contact the Airline for details.  


Finally, for your notable question, what kind of stroller can I take on the plane? These are some of the airlines' essential policies that are notable and widely used among travelers. So, while traveling, it's vital to check your Airline's stroller policy. Suppose you want to know about any specific airline stroller policy. Comment down below and let us know. 

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