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Do you think outdoor playing is not good for your children? Read this first!


Children that play outside develop better problem-solving skills and have a stronger ability to work within a group.- Jeff Foxworthy 

The technological advancements in the electronic world are impacting the new-age children. Today, children spend more than 7 hours a day on electronics. It can be a computer, laptop, smartphone, or gaming device. 

Most kids today spend the majority of their waking hours on such devices. Consequently, they have reduced physical activity, which affects their overall health. Children tend to have slow mental, emotional, and physical growth because of the lack of exposure to the outside world. If you are one of those modern parents who want to keep their kids in the comfort of their house, you may unintentionally harm your kid’s health. Read on to find out how outdoor play is important and benefits the kids significantly. 

Improved physical activity (anchor text)

Regular exercise is very important for your kids. You may not understand it now, but doctors suggest a minimum of one hour of physical activity every day. You may debate that kids stay active indoors. Yes, they do, but playing on commercial playground equipment helps them enhance their social skills. It is a fact that increased physical activity can help children stay healthy for life. 

Enhanced motor skills 

As per the healthcare experts, children who play outside have more advanced motor skills than their peers who only indulge in indoor playing. The outside space allows the kids to walk, run, jump, and climb. Theft can play numerous games such as running, hide and seek, climbing a tree, riding a bike, etc. Such games help your child practice physical abilities and strengthen their bodies.

Improvement in muscle strength 

Outdoor playing is a must if you want your child to have strong muscles. By strong muscles, we do not mean the excessively gained muscle mass, but the strength that each body requires. When they play outside, they engage most of their muscles. For instance, push a child on a swing and see how he figures out to sit, hold, and follow the movement. From the brain to bodily movements, everything comes into action. Similarly, while running, playing hide and seek, or climbing rough terrain, all children do is strengthen their muscles. 

Greater self-awareness 

Self-awareness is an act of knowing oneself better. A person can do it when he has a certain set of skills. When your child plays out in the park, he automatically starts to develop observational and reasoning skills. The same abilities turn into their nature as they grow up. It helps the children observe their actions and reason things out for the betterment. Additionally, they also learn the cause-and-effect relationship. You may try teaching them items from your experience, but it is a fact that until your cold experiences a certain thing, it will never enter his brain. 

Final Words 

There are not enough words to emphasize the importance of outdoor playing for your children. There is not one but many benefits. From keeping the children physically healthy to teaching them life-survival skills, outdoor playing can do a lot. The children have fine motor skills, are more confident, and have a strong sense of peer-to-peer relationships. So, why wait? Let your kids go out and have fun in the sun, sand, and winds! 

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