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Can Certain Kinds Of Toothpaste Cause Canker Sores?

 If you’re experiencing canker sores, don’t be troubled. They are more common than you know. From time to time, most of us suffer from the frustrating oral challenge.

There have been quite some speculations about the causes of canker sores. Mostly, they’re about weather imbalance, nutrition, mouth trauma, fatigue, and oral hygiene. If you search online, there are other long lists of triggers.

It’s fascinating to know that toothpaste can also inflict them. Aren’t you surprised that what is a fundamental part of your oral health could be a cause of canker sores? Unfortunately, your toothpaste is to blame sometimes.

Why Your Toothpaste Triggers Canker Sores

Your toothpaste is a combination of various chemical formulas. They all have their significance as far as oral wellness is concerned. One of those is the culprit, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS). 

SLS is a frequently used foaming substance. You find the same in your soaps, shampoos, detergents, and other lather-forming cleaners. It’s also why toothpaste foams in your mouth when brushing with water.

This has been quite the psychology behind cleaning, after all. If we see foaminess, we expect such to do the cleaning job. The same goes for our teeth. We are convinced that that’s what makes the teeth whiter and shinier.

We are different people, and our bodies adapt to chemicals differentlyꟷ, especially those found in consumables. That’s quite applicable to the sodium lauryl sulfate agent. It prompts allergies, irritations, and other sensitivities in some individuals. The evidence is the inner sores and splits around the mouth's soft tissues.

Most canker sores last for a week or two. Delayed healing can be a symptom of other possible complications. So, you should see your dentist.

Dentist st Leonards recommends immediate hospital visits for people in this category.

Will SLS-Free Toothpaste Do The Magic?

While some products in the market have the SLS, a few others are without it. If you think you react to the chemical ingredient, perhaps it’s time for a change. Make sure you check your toothpaste label for its constituents if you aren’t used to it.

On the other hand, you may be skeptical about the cleaning ability of these kinds of toothpaste. The good news is that some are as effective as those with sodium lauryl sulfate, according to findings. You must note that not all SLS-free toothpaste functions similarly. Quality differs, as such, cleansing action.

If you have canker sores, the first thing to do is identify the cause. That gives a head start on possible cures and how to prevent them in the future.

Are There Other Guilty Toothpaste Ingredients?

Triclosan is another debatable ingredient that leads to canker sores. It’s an antibacterial chemical that affects endocrine bodily secretions. Having endocrine actions hindered in the body isn’t a good sign as it’s responsible for major renowned system dysfunctions. Examples are cancer, birth irregularities, etc.

Other substances include microbeads which are small plastic pellets that often stick to the gum.


Before you purchase a product, you may need to check in with your dentist. It doesn’t matter whether or not you’re vulnerable to canker sores. SLS options aren’t exactly dangerous. Also, other choices may be appropriate for your case.

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