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4 Strategies To Boost Kids’ Curiosity and Creative Capacity


Creativity isn't a luxury. It's actually an essential part of development for children. Promoting creativity in kids promotes mental elasticity. This, in turn, helps them to adapt to life changes and increases levels of self-esteem and independence. 

Helping kids to expand their creative horizons now will benefit society in the future. Innovative and imaginative children experience a stronger sense of happiness, responsibility, and empathy and will come to make a positive impact our world in their own unique ways.

But how do you stimulate creativity and curiosity in kids? Apart from schools and formal learning environments, kids can also learn at home, at the museum, or in the park. Here are some ways you can help kids develop their gifts and find more talents.

Give Them Creative Resources

Kids love toys, but sometimes toys require little imagination. The best toys require some effort or imagination to make them work.

For example, instead of giving them a toy that plays music for them, give them an instrument. Instead of cars and trucks that run by themselves, help children to put the pieces together and build a vehicle. It will depend on their age and stage but the idea is to transform playtime into creative learning opportunities.

As messy as it may be, let them experiment with paints, brushes, paper, scissors and other items that will nudge them to use their imaginations. Your supervision is essential, as they need safety and boundaries, but don't interfere with their actual creative process. Let them do their thing.

Take Children to the Museum

Museums are great resources for children. Musician Dan Avidan, an incredibly creative adult, remembers that when he was a kid, he went to a Natural History Museum with his grandad. Seeing massive skeletons provoked inside of him a fascinating appeal. Now, as an adult, Dan records his adventures visiting dinosaur museums on his website and continues to share music, pictures, and more with the world. 

It can be an inspiring experience when children discover their passion or develop deep interests. Museums are great places to find interesting information and answers to questions. 

Find a Book Nook

Today, books are easily purchased and downloaded from the Internet. However, that will never be the same thing as smelling, looking at, and reading a physical book. If you want a kid to read, there is no magic pill. Just keep books everywhere around the house, They will become curious and soon enough, they'll be reading. Books will help your child learn curiosity and vocabulary and see how others solve problems.

Provide Respect and Space 

Although you can find infinite sources and ideas on Pinterest and social media about activities and resources, the best thing you could do is show respect and provide space for your children to create. Let them explore and make mistakes. When your child gives you an idea or shows a creation, cheer them on and pay attention. Your role can often be one of supervising and then waiting for the show as their number-one fan!

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