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My Puppy Has Met Her Match With Tough Toys From Soda Pup

Thank you to Soda Pup for sending products to review. All thoughts shared are my own. 

If you have a big dog, know a big dog or even love a big dog, you may know the struggle is real when trying to find durable toys and products!

Around this time two years ago, life looked very different than it does today. The world seemed to push the pause button on life. My children were quarantined at home with the rest of the country and we were navigating virtual school and working from home. There were other events happening in my life during that time as well. My beautiful grandma and my eldest pup were nearing the end of their lives here on earth. There were some very big changes taking place in our family and amidst so much loss, we gained a special angel.

Adopting a Doberman puppy was something my husband and I had always wanted to do. Fiona came in like a storm and she has been lighting up our days like a firecracker ever since. Little did I know that little pup would grow up to be the most loyal companion to our family. I also didn't realize how difficult it would be to find toys for her that she wouldn't be able to destroy. 

I wish I could go back in time and discover Soda Pup two years ago! I would have saved so much money and not wasted it on mass produced toys that claimed to be "tough" but fell apart within the first five minutes. 

Very few companies that claim to make "tough" toys, actually make toys that can withstand the 600 pound crunch capacity of a Doberman. My girl is a land shark. However, Soda Pup actually makes toys that last and stands up to their claim! 

Their toys are so adorable. In the photo above, Fiona has the Can Toy Dispenser. For $10.99, this is cheaper than a fluffy toy you might find at a local pet shop but has a dual purpose and is indestructible! Fiona likes to play fetch with this toy and sometimes I surprise her by putting goodies inside. She loves it! Soda Pup creates toys with non-toxic materials, right here in the USA. 

This is the Mandala enrichment etray and as you can see, my sweet girl is waiting patiently for me to put it down. Giving her treats in this way, helps to stimulate her brain and slow down her digestion. I really want to try putting different foods and snacks into different compartments. In the future I plan to use greek yogurt and peanut butter with blueberries. She's going to go nuts! 

Soda Pup has chew toys, enrichment items, frisbees, floating toys, balls and so many more items for you to spoil your sweet pup. Fiona is loving the goodies that Soda Pup sent over for her to enjoy and she can't wait to try out a few others from this amazing company!


You can order Soda Pup toys on their website but also be sure to check them out on their socials too:

We are beyond thrilled that Soda Pup has partnered with us this summer! Perhaps more so than me, Fiona is a fan for life.




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