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Hello, June!


Hi, all! Happy first day of June to you! Can you believe it's June already? It's already been almost two weeks since my kiddos had their last day of school. Where is summer break going? Some of you haven't started summer break just yet, I know. Hang in there- the end of the school year is in sight for you! While many are gearing up for epic summer vacations, we're in a transition mode (my family is, I mean). I have a major life update, which I will share more on in the coming days, and for us, that means laying low this summer.

Yep, other than taking a week to go to the beach, we'll mostly be sticking around. We miss traveling so much, but we'll have to be content with small day trips, long weekends here and there, and the occasional spur-of-the-moment surprise. I've been a tad MIA for the past couple of months, and I'm sorry about that- I promise that it's not without just cause. While life has been a bit bumpy, I'm happy to report that we're getting back on track and have some major stuff in the works, both for my personal life and for MBP.

Everyone in my life is healthy and seemingly happy, and for that, I am grateful. We have some wonderful summer giveaways and partnerships for you, so stay tuned! 

What do you have planned this summer? Drop a comment here or over on Facebook or Insta so we can chat about all things at the start of summer!

I'm so ready to catch up with you all- it's been too long! 

Thanks for hanging on.

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