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Five Things to Love About Summer Break


Summer break never tasted so sweet, y'all! Like most parents, I have a love-hate relationship with this time of year. I guarantee that I will be counting down the days to the start of school in late July, but for now, I am soaking up every bit of the joy that is summer break while I can. There's a lot to love about summer break. Read on to find out my top five favorites.

1. No lunch boxes to pack.

It's probably my favorite thing of all about summer break. I don't have to worry about making sure I have lunch box grocery items, don't have to plan lunches in advance, and don't have to spend precious time packing them the night before school. For us, lunch boxes include paper plates with notes on them, plus a fun riddle or rhyme, along with the packed lunch and snack. It's a bit of prep and work. This time of year, anything goes for lunch and I absolutely love it!

2. No alarm clocks.

Okay, we traded alarm clocks for phone alarms and Google/Alexa a long time ago, but you get the idea. No one has to be up at 6 am- not even to get ready for work, and it's absolutely awesome.

3. No set bedtimes.

It may not be the best thing for my very schedule-oriented kids, but we love not having strict bedtimes during summer break. If we decided to stay out late or stay up to watch a movie, it's no big deal.

4. Spontaneous outings.

Sometimes we just hop in the car to go out for ice cream. Other times, we hop in the car and drive two hours for a day trip to the mountain- just because we can. We've had lots of wonderful adventures that have just happened at the last minute. They make for amazing family memories. If it's warm out, don't forget a pair of canvas sneakers to keep cool. 

5. More family time.

My husband also has more time off during the summer, which means that we get to spend a lot of time together as a family. It's so needed by this point in the year. The kids majorly need to spend time with their dad. I need the extra pair of hands, my helper/partner, and my friend. I love watching the kids enjoy having their dad around to hang out with, work on projects with, read together, and more.

6.  Summer Fun Memories.

The fun memories you create are another fun thing to enjoy during summer. You can preserve these memories for them to linger on and keep them feeling fresh. Some of the best ways to preserve your summer fun memories include getting a summer wall art painting, transforming summer photos into prints, purchasing native items, etc. 

The new school year will come around quickly, and then life will be extra busy once again. For now, we'll enjoy summer for what it is- lazier days, fun trips, yummy food, time with family and friends, and summer nights under the stars.

What are some of the things you love most about summer break?

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