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8 Fun Activities To Do On Your Trip To Washington DC


If you'd like to experience a city rich in history, then Washington, D.C. could be a great place to see. Indeed, there are numerous museums to feed your need for knowledge but there are other fun tours to go on too. Consider adding one or more of these activities to your to-do list.

1. Go on a Sightseeing Cruise

One of the most pleasurable ways to appreciate Washington's historical sites is to head to the Potomac River for a sightseeing day cruise. You can take in the splendid views while enjoying a delicious brunch and a special dinner. Tours will take you to places such as the Thomas Jefferson Memorial, the U.S. Capitol Building, and the White House.

2. Try the International Spy Museum

The International Spy Museum can feed your craving to learn more about the art of espionage. After all, what could be more interesting than getting to know more about the lives of real spies and secret service agencies? 

The museum is huge and visiting it is like watching several James Bond movies in a day! With all of the walking you'll be doing, you might like to put your valuable belongings in a safe place. Vertoe is a reliable service offering luggage storage in Washington DC. This means you can worry less about your valuables and take in all the fascinating details of the museum.

3. Listen to Ghost Stories

Are you the one amongst those who are easily drawn to the thought of spooks? In that case, hearing a ghost story or two could be of special interest to you. With tales of murder and haunting floating around the city, it can be fun to be a little frightened. You can take a haunted ghost tour where local experts would love to share scary stories.

4. Find Inspiration at the National Gallery of Art

You’ll treat yourself to some of the world's greatest masterpieces at the National Gallery of Art. David with the Head of Goliath, The Fortress of Konigstein, and The Last of the Buffalo, are a few of the masterworks that the museum highlights. Besides over 150,000 photographs, drawings, paintings, prints, decorative arts, and sculptures are also a part of its permanent collection.

5. Check Out the Beauty of Luray Caverns

The Luray Caverns is a majestic natural cave with a ceiling about 10-stories high in places and cathedral-sized rooms. This site can be of particular interest to lovers of natural history. Discover crystal-clear pools and towering stone columns. Stalagmites and stalactites decorate the cave. And you won't want to miss the Great Stalacpipe Organ - the largest musical instrument in the world made from a network of stalactites, playing a haunting melody!

6. Do Sketching at the U.S. Botanic Garden

The rules of the U.S. Botanic Garden forbid tourists and locals from using professional cameras for taking photos. But artists and hobbyists can always capture the natural beauty of the area in a sketchbook. Take your time (and a comfortable bench) and draw what you find in this living plant museum.

7. Go Skydiving 

Imagine the breathtaking views of Washington, D.C. from high above! We can assure you that skydiving in the city is a unique experience. But another fun way to enjoy the thrill is going indoor skydiving. With the help of vertical wind tunnels, you can get training and take a flight indoors.

8. Appreciate the City at Night

Seeing memorials and monuments lit up at night can be nothing short of enchanting. Another idea is to visit the museums which are open at late hours. 

A trip to Washington, D.C. can be exhilarating and boost your intelligence at the same time. You can find various family-friendly activities to enjoy. You can participate in an escape game, watch an outdoor movie at the Georgetown Sunset Cinema, or catch a concert. We have just listed a few exciting things, but once you hit the city you’ll find it a target for endless fun!

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