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My Favorite Reset Foods

Over the weekend, I indulged in some delicious birthday cake and truth be told- I do not regret it for one second.

The old mentality, the toxic mentality went straight to guilt and shame. How could I ruin all of my hard work for those empty calories? I've been on a health journey for about six months. My goal has not been weight loss, but about 12 pounds have fallen off naturally as a result. That's totally fine with me! I had gained 15 pounds so if that same 15 would like to slide right back off because of making healthier choices, so be it. 

Why do we immediately suspect that MONTHS of hard work is "ruined" because of a piece of cake? Why do we allow ourselves to have one moment of regret? I decided I was not going to. Having cake was a choice and a worthwhile one for me. 

When I came home, I recommitted my plan and got back on track. For me, that looks like fresh fruits and veggies with lean meats, very low carb and low sugar. 

Some of my favorite things to eat while I'm in "reset mode" are:

Bell pepper (yellow and orange are my fav!)
Hummus of all kinds
Lettuce Salad
Low- Sodium Turkey Deli Meat 
Low-Sodium Ham Deli Meat
Low-Sodium Canned Tuna With Avocado Mayo
Chobani Zero Yogurt with various mix-ins
WATER - 64 ounces +
Coffee (duh)
Ground Turkey Seasoned Many Ways
Bell Pepper Sandwiches
Lemon Water
Banana (1 per day)
Protein Shakes with Almond Milk

Any combination of the above foods are GREAT for jump starting a healthy gut. Prior to my healthy way of eating, I would experience bloating, cramping and an all-around sense of blah. Since utilizing the list above, I feel amazing each and every day. I'm not saying this is going to work for you because everyone is different. I just think the above list is a great place to start. For the most part, all breads, crackers, chips cookies and cheeses are eliminated from my day to day diet. It isn't forever, but it does help tremendously to create an overall sense of well-being in my body when I incorporate these practices. 

Of course, moving the body is important, too. Walking is an amazing total body workout! Just a short walk every single day can improve your cardiovascular health. I'm not a doctor and I don't intend to make any claims but I do know what my doctor has told me and what I've seen work in my own life. I would love to know some of your favorite healthy foods that make you feel amazing!

The first time I learned the line, "We are what we eat" was in the sixth grade. My science teacher had a poster with an interesting image that went along with the slogan. To this day, I think about that and try to remember that if I want to feel good, I need to eat well.

I wish you an amazing week ahead! If you eat the cake, enjoy it. You haven't fallen off of the proverbial health wagon. You made a choice to indulge and I bet it was worth it. It was for me. 



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