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Inspire Mom to Dream and Plan with Paper Sunday Christian Journals

Many thanks to Paper Sunday for sending over a planner and journal in exchange for my review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

What has been on your mind lately? It's easy to carry the weight of the world on our shoulders, both literally and figuratively. Our minds are cluttered with lists, with responsibilities, with engagements, with future events that we often fail to relax and stay grounded in our faith. 

There are a ton of ways that we can sort through all that fills our head from the many types of paper calendars, devices full of software that manages our time, energy, and plans, or pads of paper that sit near our phone and bedsides. 

For folks who love lists, who love journals, and who love being grounded in God's word, Paper Sunday is for you. Technology is great with online journals and phone calendars, but there is something about taking the time to dream, plan, and write on physical paper that still captures me. I guess in a way, spending that time to take stock of how my faith is growing and how God is working in my life is how I stay grounded. 

Paper Sunday offers personalized Christian journals and planners to inspire and captivate us as we navigate life together. There are many designs and products for all women, men, and even children. 

Paper Sunday isn't just about the organizational aspects of life. They are about inspiring us to be the best that we can be. It's just a helpful bonus that we have a journal to keep all of our thoughts, ideas, and lists (rather than a million sticky notes everywhere) to return too day after day. We can see our dreams evolve, can see our accomplishments, and do some planning for the future too. 

I usually have a paper planner with me almost all the time and if I don't, I try not to make appointments because I honestly won't remember what's in it. Now lists, dreams, and journaling are much harder to navigate as I'm hardly ever in one place. 

I'm excited to start using the personalized journals sent to me. I have struggled with keeping up with the lists lately. Did I use Google Keep? Did I email it to myself? Is there a sticky note or pad of paper that was swallowed up in the chaos during Holy Week that contains important information? 

Each journal has my name or initials. Introduction pages are available as well. My name is used in most of the written scriptures scattered through-out the planner and journals. I received 1 planner and 2 journals to share with you. The journals are soft backs that lay flat at 6" X 8.25" with a smooth finish. The planner is a hard back that lays flat at 6.25" X 8.5". 

The journal will help me keep track of all my notes, activities, and thoughts. The journal is personalized with our name, has blank pages with personalized scriptures noted at the top or bottom, and has a lay-flat binding. Two other binding options are available: soft lay-flat and spiral. Pages are lined on the front and back. 144 pages are included. 

The personalized planner helps me figure out my days, weeks, months, and goals. The 12-month planner begins with the current month you choose! The planner features a monthly view  and weekly view. Personalized scriptures are inserted throughout to remind us and inspire us. 

The only downfall is that there are no bookmarks, pockets, or elastics to hold the journal together. Luckily enough, I have most of these items, so will be using them! I usually bind my journals and planners with some sort of elastic, and I usually end up with papers or cards from meetings. 

For me, these are the perfect sizes to fit into my purse and carry along to appointments or meetings! 

An "I am grateful for" section ends each week, so we can reflect upon the goodness and blessings we have received. I think this is highly important in a world so full of negativity! 

I especially love the addition of the mini journal, with its helpful "I am grateful for" and "Prayer Request" sections. Seeing how God's love transforms and changes those I care about is very important to me as well. 

I've already started to add important dates to my planner. I can't wait to start filling the journal with ideas, thoughts, inspirations, and even lists!

This Mother's Day, if you want to spread some inspiration and love to the women in your life, consider sending them a Paper Sunday product. The artwork on each cover is amazing too! 

Paper Sunday doesn't just provide another organizational tool, but provides us a way to dream and fill our souls with much-needed rest and love. Hold on to your memories and cherish your thoughts with a journal or planner from Paper Sunday. 

Don't forget to add in a box of prayer cards to your order. They will inspire, remind, teach and share love with you and your loved ones. 

We have loved featuring Paper Sunday in our Mother's Day Gift guide this year. Head over to MBP to find out more product and gift ideas to share with Mom this year! 

Want it? Get it!

Be inspired by a Paper Sunday Journal or Planner. Don't forget that they are available for women, men, and children! 

Thanks, Paper Sunday, for these personalized items. I'm already feeling inspired by your amazing journals and devotionals that arrive in my email! 

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Do you journal or organize with a planner? 

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