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For many of us, especially those of us in the southeast and south, the start of summer is upon us. In my area of NC, school is already out, not returning until late August. Traffic has intensified as beach-goers make their way onto our little islands for sun, sand, and surf. The grills are out in full force, the fruit is plentiful. Yep, the pesky outdoor bugs are out too.

My Memorial Day holiday weekend has been relatively quiet, giving me lots of time to enjoy my patio. The pesky presence of flies, mosquitoes, and gnats has caused a need for me to have some sort of protection from being eaten. Maybe not quite alive, but sometimes it feels like it!

The all-natural products provided by Broken Top Brands can help keep the outdoor pests at bay and keep us feeling our best in the process. Whether it's for the body, for the home, or even our cars, Broken Top has something for everyone!

Feeling the need to combat against the craziness that gnats and mosquitoes gnat at, I immediately was intrigued at their outdoor offerings. Bug Protection is a must in my life. I've attracted mosquitoes since I was a child, usually resulting in welts from all the itching and scratching. Bug Sprays and Anti-itch cream don't exactly have the best ingredients in them, and I've been wanting to care for my body and mind wellness more lately.

I was sent over a Lemon-Citronella Soy Candle to try outside. Listed in their Outdoor Citronella Collection, this product is probably the easiest to use. It's small enough to be portable, but strong enough to help keep pesky bugs at bay while trying to enjoy the nice summer breeze in late evenings. 

Word on the street is that mosquitoes dislike the oils given off by lemon grass, citron grass, and lemon scents. This candle is 9 oz's and says it has a 50 hr burn time with it. The recommendations are to not burn more than 4 hours at a time, to keep the wick trimmed, and to burn on a stable surface. 

Broken Top candles are gluten-free, paraben-free, phthalate-free, and vegan. All their candles use plant based wax, cotton wicks, and essential oils for the smells. 

I've had the ability to use this citronella for several nights now. I wouldn't say it keeps ALL the bugs away, but the gnats sure have diminished around me, opposed to when I sat outside without burning it a week or so ago. While burning this candle on my patio around the late afternoon/ early evening timing, I've been pleased. My small patio is surrounded by a fence. Placing this on my small side table or on the fence railing has been helpful, so that the candle is close to me. I'm not sure if it would work if it was in the middle of a large table, as the smell/ scent range does seem kind of small.  

I love the scent too. The fresh lemon and citrus smells heavenly. In looking at Broken Top Brands selections, I would also love to smell their coconut sandalwood and coffee arabica, but alas, I'll wait for another day! 

Next up in the Outdoor Citronella collection is the Lemon Citronella Repellant Stick. In my eyes, this is an absolutely MUST if you are trying to be chemical free but want to remain relatively bug free. I used this stick before heading out to a baseball game this weekend. It works. It really does. The way the stick works is to press up the balm just a little, enough to roll on the skin. I mostly slathered my legs and arms, obviously avoiding my face. I received no bites and just a few gnats bothered me up in my hairline. 

It smells nice, doesn't have that icky smell from DEET sprays, and rolls on clear and mess free. While I can't guarantee it, I'd recommend, just like any rolling stick, to not leave this in the sun for an extended period of time during 100+ temps. I could see it melting and making a huge mess if done so! 

Looking for indoor sprays and reliefs? Lately, I've been having trouble sleeping, so I was excited when Broken Top sent their linen spray in Lavender-Mint. Their linen sprays are all natural, made with aloe leaf juice, tea tree oil, and essential oil fragrance. 

Lavender-Mint is aimed to relax and soothe anxiety, nerves, and our senses. Spray a tad bit onto your bedding, and hopefully you will soon be in dreamland! This scent is not off-putting or extremely strong like a lot of lavender scents. It also contains a touch of lemon, eucalyptus, and bergamot in it as well. 

Broken Top also aims to provide their linen sprays to be safe enough for body use. I haven't tried this yet, but this is a double wow factor for me. A spray that is great for freshening up linens, but safe enough for body use, is a plus in my book! I bet applying it to pressure and pulse points would help relieve anxiety and promote relaxation as well. 

If you want a good summer scent, then check out the Coconut Sandalwood Linen Spray. I love the smell of coconut in the late spring and summer. 

It probably reminds me of exotic places that I dream about, calling my senses to the summer atmosphere and vibe! I've been using this a LOT on my living room linens, and it seems to engage my senses in a lively feeling that it is finally summer!

This summer, find Broken Top Brands products to compliment your need. Whether it's staying pest-free while partying outside or freshening up your home inside, they have you covered! 

Want it? Get it!

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How do you combat the pesky flies and bugs in the summer?

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