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Absolutely Adorable Lucas the Spider Plushie and Puzzle for Your Favorite Kid


Lucas the Spider is a unique miniseries created by animator Joshua Slice that follows a very cute and talented jumping spider.

Lucas is an adventurous spider and is always solving problems for him and his friends. He gets stuck outdoors in the cold, escapes a human’s attempt at catching him in the house, looks for a great napping spot, and makes new friends.

He is naturally inquisitive and loving in equal measure. His creativity is inspired by the immediate world around him. What we might see as mundane is intriguing to Lucas. And though he never quite knows what everything does, he won't let that stop him from trying to figure it out, often with hilarious and surprising results.

Lucas is a smart individual with feelings who has his own personality and things he likes to do. It’s possible it is the first time you have ever looked at spiders like this. The Lucas the Spider show helps us be grateful for spiders for the amazing animals they are.

This adorable plushie is so soft and cuddly with its adorable eyes and fluffiness adding to the cuteness factor. Kids will love snuggling with Lucas while you help them with the puzzle, providing quality time together!

Want it? Get it!

Check out Lucas and his friends on his website and purchase your own plushie and puzzle!

Get social with Lucas the Spider to never miss out on the fun and watch the shows!






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