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6 Creative Ways To Decorate Your Wedding Venue With Flowers


As much as we love new wedding décor trends like burning lanterns or wooden styles, flowers are still the best way to bring life to your wedding venue. Flowers of any color or type will instantly transform the feel of a room, and you can use them in just about every aspect of your wedding. 

Arranging wedding flowers can be a challenge, especially if you lack inspiration. This article will share some creative ways of using florals to decorate your wedding venue. 

  1. Use Them As Statement Centerpieces

Floral centerpieces are nothing new. However, brides and wedding stylists continue to suggest fresh and creative takes on floral focal points. 

These ideas include using bold, nontraditional flowers like protea wedding flowers mixed with traditional flowers like roses and carnations. 

Another popular trend includes using fresh flowers in decorated bottles and jam jars, perfect for the DIY brides aiming for styles that won’t break the bank. You may start with a mix and match of flowers and colored lace or ribbon wrapped around an old jar. With this, you can create a vintage vibe centerpiece statement that will pique your guests’ interest as they wait for their food. 

  1. Install Flower Walls

Flowers walls are a current trend and can provide a statement backdrop for your wedding venue. It’s a perfect solution for an indoor reception or a beach venue that ignites a boho feel. 

Add elegance and luxury to your wedding through flower walls. If you’re on a tight budget and can’t afford extravagant displays, they are a cost-effective solution that can complement your current design plan. 

Flower walls are also versatile; thus, you can ask your ushers to move them from your ceremony to the reception venue. They make a powerful background statement for your ceremonial vows, but can also act as a gorgeous photo wall for your guests in the reception area. 

  1. Try Floral Marquee Letters

Instead of renting large LED letter lights, you can opt for floral marquee letters. If you opt for the DIY way, you can cut out big cardboard letters that spell out ‘Mr. & Mrs.,’ your names, or your new last name. Then, surround them with flowers, use string lights, or any creative ideas you may have. 

Like flower walls, you can place marquee letters anywhere in your venue, including the bar, besides your welcome arch, or on your sweetheart table.

  1. Create Floral Archways

Floral wedding archways are getting increasingly popular and serve as an impressive focal point for your reception, especially for a rustic wedding theme. 

Floral archways can create the illusion of a larger space and help your wedding photographer get fabulous backdrops for your photos. Adding an archway at the beginning or end of your aisle can help define the area, whereas the floral elements enhance the romantic feel of the occasion. 

Like the previous wedding elements, floral archways could be moved around from your wedding ceremony to the reception as required. 

  1. Reimagine Pew Ends and Walkways

Like floral centerpieces, floral pew ends and aisles may conjure up images of traditional and old-fashioned floral arrangements in churches. However, using flowers to decorate your venue walkways can be a modern way to ensure that every part of your wedding space looks good. 

You can tie small bunches of wedding flowers to guest chairs along the walkway with ribbons. It’s a subtle way to introduce your wedding theme and prettify your venue. 

If you want a more dramatic effect, you can line up your walkways with flower pots to bring a touch of the outdoors inside. To make it even more beautiful, you can customize your floral pots with butterfly décor for summer and fairy lights for winter. Once your wedding is over, you can take the flower pots home as decorative statements around your house or plant them in your garden to remind you of your big day. 

  1. Use Them As Ceiling Treatment

Instead of leaving your wedding venue’s ceiling bare, create a more magical space by hanging a few floral arrangements on it. 

You can decorate with delicate hanging floral garlands that create a soft and romantic look. Hang them randomly around your venue or use them as your primary ceiling treatment, creating a lush, fairytale-inspired theme. 

What’s more, it creates a more dramatic scene if you’re using live flower garlands. Falling flower petals are a magical photo opportunity waiting to happen. Thus, instead of having your flower girls following you around and tossing petals, the falling petals from the ceiling can create a more authentic and genuine picture. 


Regardless of the latest trends, no wedding will be complete without ornate floral decorations. Flowers can beautify and spark an intimate and charming feel in your wedding venue with their sweet fragrance, color, and elegance. 

So, are you convinced yet? Use floral decorations to light up hallways, spruce up guest tables, soften corners, or create a dramatic background that will make your wedding as enchanting as you envision it to be. 

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