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Weekends with the Wigglesworths- Will We or Won't We Update


Happy Saturday, friends. You might remember a few weekends ago that we were going a little bonkers because our vacation plans were sort of up in the air. Well, a few days later it was confirmed- we would be heading down to Florida to catch a cruise out of Port Canaveral.  Unfortunately, it didn't quite work out that way!

We left super early Saturday morning (it was still dark out) to get to the airport with time to spare for our 6am flight. The airport was very crowded and by the time we got to the ticket desk, it appeared there was some sort of error (not ours) and because of that we missed the flight. On the bright side, or so we thought, they were able to book us on another flight, straight to Miami, which was not the best solution,  but we could make it work. The flight was supposed to leave at 10am, then got pushed to 2pm, then 4pm, then later and later until it eventually got postponed until 7am THE NEXT DAY. We were able to book a hotel near the airport and they offered a shuttle from the airport to the hotel and back again the next morning. 

Obviously, we missed the ship in Port Canaveral. Thankfully, we had help from our trip consultant and our in-laws. It was arranged for us to catch the 7am flight on Sunday, then a connecting flight to eventually make our way to St. Thomas for a few days. We would then meet the ship when it docked there on Tuesday. Wouldn't you know it....more delays.  The plane wouldn't leave now until 12:30pm, which would mean missing the connecting flight to St. Thomas. What do we do? Pivot. And FINALLY get tickets through another airline, but of course THE NEXT DAY. So, we headed home (thank goodness we live not too far from the airport we use and my brother-in-law was kind enough to pick us up) and had a sort of laid back Easter Sunday. 

There are so many details I want to share, but I have to organize my thoughts better because they are all over the place. If you have followed the blog for a bit, you know the Wigglesworth crew doesn't travel frequently and it is kind of a big deal when we get to. I know how lucky we are to have had the chance to go on such a wonderful vacation, even if it didn't work out as planned. I guess the answer to the "Will we or won't we" post is that we won't. It's okay though, because we're okay and that is all that matters. 

Have a splendid Saturday!

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