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Weekends with the Wigglesworths- Will We or Won't We?


Happy Saturday, friends. The Wigglesworth crew is going a little bonkers this weekend, especially Matt and I, since we are getting ready for our youngest to turn 10 in just a few days. As if that wasn't a big enough deal, we're also trying to prepare for a vacation (in cahoots with Matt's parents) that may or may not happen exactly as planned.

It's overwhelming enough to plan a vacation. It complicates things when there are circumstances, beyond your control, that might cause a change in plans. The worst thing though, for me, is waiting for a definite answer to the question-  will we be proceeding with the vacation we have been planning or won't we? 

 Thankfully, D and R only know we are preparing a trip. We enjoy surprising them as much as possible, but it also makes it easier if plans have to change. This way disappointment is limited, which is especially important to us because of how the last few years have played out. 

In the meantime,  we'll be hoping for things to work out the way we planned, while somewhat expecting they won't and trying to make sure we have the right 'pivot plan' while reminiscing about our last big surprise trip and planning a very special double digit birthday party! 

Have a spectacular Saturday! 

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