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Surprise Gifts For Husband

Surprise Gifts For Husband

The suggestion surrounding flowers is that women are usually the recipient of these gestures of affection. That stigma might change as more men come to the forefront to declare their love for the foliage, and why not? Find a few reasons why men should receive flowers at https://www.yourtango.com/201193959/4-reasons-give-man-flowers/.

Traditions can change, and who knows for sure whether men didn't receive a flower or two from their beloved periodically back in the day.

Now that it's out in the open and mates are free to bring their husbands or partners sweet bouquets, how do you know which floral options are most appropriate? 

Generally speaking, there are no hard and fast rules relating to "masculinity." When you select surprise gifts for your husband in the form of flowers, you should go with your thought process and the sentiment you want to express, plus whichever you think they would prefer. 

One recommendation is instead of having them delivered, pick them up, attach a handwritten note, and hand-carry them yourself. 

Not only will that heighten the surprise, but your husband will be so proud he'll want to share what he's received with everyone, particularly if he's at work. Let's look at some advice on flower giving, recommendations, and tips.

Tips, Recommendations, & Advice On Flower Giving To Surprise Your Husband

Deciding to give your husband flowers is the easy part. Figuring out which sort of foliage you want to include might prove challenging. A few guidelines can guide you towards those that fall into a more masculine category, including:

1. Opt for rich, bold colors in the deep red, maroon, and purple families for masculine varieties. You can also opt for yellows or oranges, but the suggestion is to steer clear of anything pastel, including pinks. White is a neutral color that will work for a male or female.

2. Bold, strong petal structures are ideal for men.

3. When searching for a scent, you want to look for something more along the lines of a robust, spicy option like the carnation's clove-y fragrance. You can also work with the elements from your husband's cologne in choosing appropriate scents.

4. Generally, vases are of a crystal or glass material, but for a man, you might want a more rugged option, like perhaps a metal or wood variety. You can even get the flowers loosely wrapped and arrange them in a favorite stein.

When searching for the ideal foliage to surprise your husband, there are no specific flowers that you have to stick to. If your partner has referred to flowers that he finds striking, they should indeed be included in the arrangement. 

Otherwise, look over some popular choices found as favored male options for freshening his nightstand or perhaps a work area; see if one or two might suit your mate. 


The flower appears almost like a brilliant golden yellow button, likely why it's also referenced as "Billy Buttons." Many individuals choose this to add for their groom's boutonniere on a wedding day. It's an incredibly bold, vibrant statement that speaks to masculinity in shape, color, and overall vitality.

A white hydrangea

White is a neutral color that can work well in a female or male bouquet, with the hydrangea "androgynous" styling fitting seamlessly as well. The message when gifting this particular foliage is one of a deep sense of gratitude and heartfelt emotion. 

When surprising your husband with the hydrangea, it should be a means of expressing your appreciation on an occasion when that's warranted or in an effort to thank him for an exceptional effort.

Black Dahlia

Though the black dahlia's appearance seems somewhat moody and dark, adding this foliage as an element for a bouquet creates a contrast that is stunning and masculine due to the depth of the color, which is also elegant and luxurious. The flower requires a backdrop of greenery like thyme or rosemary to make it pop.

Red Roses

Everyone, women, and men adore red roses. These are the ideal way to express passion and endearment, a timeless classic symbolizing love and romance since the dawn of time. 

Your husband will show utter surprise when presented with long-stemmed red roses for any occasion but especially as merely a simple romantic gesture for no specific reason. For any man who presents as a traditionalist, this will be a classic he can't pass up. Go here for guidance on getting flowers for guys.

Final Thought

Flowers are not solely for women. Many men are voicing their love of the foliage with no qualms about suggesting that these would make the ideal surprise gift for all special occasions or a mere gesture of affection for any time. 

While a mate should consider the sort of flower, the scent, the structure of the foliage, and the vase before making a selection, a surefire hit would be the classic red rose, always indicative of love and romance.

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