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Boxwalla: The Best Way to Send Mom Things & Experiences this Mother's Day!

Thanks to Boxwalla for sending these products in exchange for a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

What is that one thing that your mom taught you that you will never forget? Maybe it's a specific craft/ hobby, a trait like hospitality, or even a health & beauty routine. Or, like my mom, perhaps the love of reading was cultivated in your soul. 

Whatever their hobby, craft, or beauty goals have been, most likely your mom (and probably yourself) has spent countless hours trying to determine the best products. In this day, with inventory supplies low, it's becoming increasingly harder to find your mom's favorite item. 

This Mother's Day, introduce them to new and exciting products through Boxwalla! Boxwalla is a bi-monthly subscription service that curates the best products from artisans across the world. Most likely, these will not be brands that are recognized in your local stores. Yet, their products are ethically sourced, made by artisans and are focused on inclusivity and diversity. Named number #4 in the USA Today 2021 10 Best Beauty Box list, this box will surely delight all the beauty, film, and book lovers in your life. 

Boxwalla offers subscription boxes for beauty, film, and book. Each box contains two items to read, view, or use; depending on the products you receive. Their Makeup shop, Beauty Shop, and Fashion (accessories) shops include beautiful products from beautiful brands. The Kids shop is full of items that are safe and natural too! 

Boxwalla sent me 2 of their past beauty boxes, several items from their newly opened Makeup Store, and a few items from their kids store. 

I received the past February Beauty box featuring Verité Spa New Zealand. This brand aims at providing skincare that treats the whole body: skin, soul, and mind! The box came with 2 items: a luxurious hand cream scented with jasmine, vanilla, and lemon and a good night repair and recovery mask. I normally have sensitivities to scents, but I absolutely LOVE both of these products. The recovery mask is so easy to use! Apply to face, let face absorb, sleep, and wash in the morning! The hand cream is not oily and does wonders have washing hands a lot from baking or cooking. 

I also received the December Beauty Box that featured Cipher Skincare and Skin Alchemist. The first product is a C- Shield renewing serum. It's aimed at boosting and hydrating our skin. The second product is Skin Alchemist's Time Traveler renewing face cream. I have to admit- I don't use much besides a facial wash and moisturizing cream, so serums are generally not up my ally. I've tried the C- Shield a few times and feel a difference, so I really need to try to incorporate it into a daily routine! The facial cream is very luxurious! It soaks into my skin and I feel refreshed in the mornings! 

Boxwalla also sent me several items from their Makeup Collection. CC Cream, Lip/ Cheek tins, and lipstick all made me super excited, especially when it's versatile! 

The CC Cream from Sappho is the perfect blend for me. It's slightly thicker than what I'm used too in a CC cream, but it goes on smooth and does help hide blemishes! 

The two tints: Flavedo & Albedo and Manasi 7 are the perfect colors for spring. These are versatile colors that would do well on many skin tones as well. I love tints because you can blend/ use as little or as much as you want. Usually they are great for cheeks, lips, and sometimes even eyes! 

My last makeup selection was for the lips. A Lovinah Lip Serum to hydrate lips and nourish lips is a must in certain types of weather! Add your favorite lipstick, such as Madame Gabriela, and head out on the town! Generally, I love lip stains, sticks, and glosses but always forget to reapply! This color might be too vibrant for the spring-especially for daily use as I typically go low-key, but will be great for important events and celebrations. 

Boxwalla also sent me some products from the kids line. These are safe enough to use with littles in the tub, but also moms can use as well! That's a score in my box- a 2 for one! KissKiss Goodnight products are great if moms need to save time, money, and want to feel as smooth and soft as their babies! While there are no babies in my household, I've used both of these products, and they seem great. The melting balm cleanser is safe enough to use as a facial cleanser and is great for sensitive skin. 

If Beauty products aren't your mom's favorite thing, Boxwalla has plenty of accessories in their Fashion store and even great artisan food products to choose from! There is certainly something for any mom out there, so this Mother's Day, spend some time shopping from Boxwalla. The great selection of items, carefully curated, will appease all types of souls, especially those that want to support inclusivity, creativity, and artistry! 

We are happy to feature Boxwalla in our Mother's Day guide. Visit our 2022 Mommy's Block Party Mother's Day Guide for more great products. 

Want it? Get it!

Boxwalla Subscription Boxes are available in Beauty, Book, and Film. 

Boxes ship every 2 months. Shipping is included in each subscription. Subscription boxes renew and automatically ship every 2 months. Cancel anytime! Note- cancellations must occur before the 15th of the prior month, or your account will be charged. 

Prepaid box subscriptions are available for 4, 6, and a year worth of boxes (these are non-renewing). 

Shop Boxwalla Stores for individual Beauty, Food, Fashion, Film, Music, and Book products and brands. 

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