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5 Mommy Break Ideas Worth Trying Every Day

 No one deserves a break more than a busy mom because life is daunting for these multi-tasking women. But fitting me-time into your busy schedules is perhaps the most challenging thing. It gets even harder when you juggle a career with home and childcare. Thankfully, there are ways to pamper yourself without going slack with your mommy duties and compromising work responsibilities. Let us share some actionable mommy break ideas worth trying every day. 

Start the day with a solo coffee date

Before beginning the day, commit to a daily coffee date with yourself. Consider it the me-time you must get despite your scheduled responsibilities. You can even ditch the caffeine and opt for a cup of healthy green tea for the solo date. The objective is to take a break rather than get an energy kick. Pick a quiet spot in your garden or on the balcony to soak in the sun and fresh air with your morning cup.

Listen to your favorite song 

The easiest way to get a mommy break anytime is by listening to your favorite song. You can play it on the way to work whether you drive or commute by public transport. It is even easier if you are a stay-at-home mom. Get your playlist on when your partner and kids leave and have a good time alone. You can even dance to these tunes to get a daily dose of exercise.

Indulge in a vaping session

Cannabis is great for alleviating pain, relieving stress, and inducing sleep. A vaping session with the apt strain at the right time sets you up for a therapeutic break. For example, you can try a high-CBD strain in the morning to get an energy kick. Opt for a calming strain in the evening to sleep like a baby. You can check an online headshop like king's pipe site to pick a vaping device for your daily sessions. Pick a device matching your skill and experience level for the best results.

Soak in a warm bath at bedtime

A dip in a tub full of warm water sets you up for relaxation and good sleep.  Get the kids to bed before taking a break in the bathroom because the last thing you want is to cut short the session because someone needs you. Remember to infuse the water with a few drops of essential oils to experience ultimate relaxation. You will forget all the stress and tiredness in minutes. 

Ask your partner for a massage 

Another practical mommy break tip worth trying is to ask your partner for a back rub or massage. You will feel the fatigue melting with their loving touch in the right places. Including it in your bedtime ritual can enhance the physical intimacy in your relationship, so it is worthwhile. You will love those private moments in bed, even if they culminate only in a relaxing sleep rather than a wild session.

Mommy breaks need not be about retail therapy, spa treatments, and dinner dates. Try these easy and inexpensive ideas to get your daily dose of self-care. 

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