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5 Maternity Clothes Every First Time Mother Should Have


Being a first-time mom can be quite overwhelming but exciting. Big adjustments await you during your pregnancy, especially on your body. Despite the physical changes you may experience, remember that it is important to still care for yourself. Feel confident in your skin by expressing yourself through maternity clothes

Here are five maternity clothes you should add to your wardrobe as a first-time mother. 

Basic Tees And Oversized Shirts

Let’s go back to the basics!

Nothing can go wrong with plain monochrome shirts that provide comfort as you move with your pregnancy belly. With these colors, it is safe to mix, match, and layer them with different clothes like blazers, jackets, or cardigans. 

In line with this, you can also opt for oversized shirts for a relaxed fit. It is also an option for pregnant women whose busts are enlarged. 

New Set Of Underwear

Being pregnant for the first time, expect that you will be gaining extra weight. Save space for your cabinet because you will need a new set of underwear garments before you know it. 

Your cup and band size will increase during pregnancy; you will need bigger bras. Expandable and breathable maternity bras can improve your pregnancy experience as they can provide comfort to you. Stretchable maternity underwears are also of help! Of course, you would want to feel comfy down there. 

Move Freely With Leggings

Owning a pair of leggings during pregnancy is a must! 

They are multifunctional as you can use them if you are an active or stylish momma. Yes, you can use them as exercise pants with their easy and comforting fit. You can also pair it with different clothing that matches your sense of style. 

But most importantly, it allows you to move and be candidly at ease anywhere you go, thanks to its stretchable feature. 

Stretchy Tops For Comfort

Stretchable fabrics that perfectly hug your body usually provide a feeling of relief for pregnant women. It is because they can feel more casual with it. Layer long stretchy tank tops with shorter shirts if you are conscious of your bellies. They look fashionable, making mothers feel like their pre-pregnant selves. 

Be Stylish With Maxis

By the middle or end of your pregnancy period, you are more likely to feel like wearing dresses. Dresses have loose and flexible attributes. It may be harder and more uncomfortable for you to wear pants in your third trimester. Maxi dresses are a relaxed and trendy choice for you. 

Remember that even if you are gaining weight due to the baby that grows inside you, you can still be a stylish soon-to-be mom!

When Can I Start Wearing Maternity Clothes?

The pregnancy fever will likely change your body after the first three months. Most women can still wear their normal clothes during the first trimester. Come the fourth and fifth months, larger but regular clothes may already be first in your clothing pile. But when the sixth month comes, maternity ones are already necessary.  

It is important to have maternity clothes in hand that you can wear even if you are still at your regular body size. You would want to ensure that you feel comfy throughout your pregnancy journey. 

Wrapping Up 

Essentially, it would be best if you prioritized comfort during your pregnancy. Physical changes are already taking much of your body, and the good way to cope with it is to dress conveniently. Also, don't forget about comfortable shoes, whether you need slippers or sustainable sneakers.

As a first-time mother, brace yourself for wardrobe changes. But it does not automatically mean that you must also adjust your tastes and styles. You can still celebrate pregnancy and feel your pre-pregnant energy through your wear! 

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