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Top Ten: Check Out A Few of My Favorite Things I Use Daily

We all have those items that are our go-to item for various things in our lives. I wanted to share of few of mine with you!


Spotify I use this daily to inspire myself with music and podcasts.

Soft-tex SofLOFT Body Pillow I CANNOT sleep without this. It relieves a lot of my back pain.

Delonghi Automatic Espresso Machine This is my favorite appliance at my house and it is used many times a day. 

Explorer Cold Brew Extra Caffeine Concentrate This is my most favorite coffee concentrate for iced coffee or to add a little caffeine to my lattes.

Silk Oatmeal Cookie Oat Creamer This is so delicious and I highly recommend it with a little bit of cinnamon in your coffee!

Planet Oat Caramel Oatmilk Creamer Caramel and the earthy flavor of the oatmilk combine in this divine creamer for your coffee.

Emergen-C is a fizzy, citrus-y burst of essential nutrients that boost your immune system, including Vitamins C and B  and other minerals to start your day.

Olly The Perfect Women's Multi is my go to for my dose of vitamins daily. I like how packed full of vitamins it is and that is is made just for women.

CeraVe Daily Moisturizing Lotion My skin absolutely laps this up. It is so moisturizing and reccomended by many dermatologists.

Oleavacin Lip Balm I tried this for the first time a year ago. In that year, my lips remain soft and supple. Not only that, but as someone who usually gets 3-4 fever blisters/cold sores a year, since I began using this lip balm, I have only had ONE! I cannot recommend it enough!

What are some of your MUST-HAVE products you use?


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