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Top 5 Most Important Environmental Issues


Our environment has many issues, many of which seem to be getting worse, leading to a serious environmental crisis. College and University officials have shed light on the topic by providing important notes on environmental issues. Hence, this has encouraged many students to further study environmental changes and offer a solution. 

Since our built environment is going through a lot these days. Awareness on topics that are related to environmental issues and environment definition must be raised. 

One such source that has caught the attention of several students is the well-written essays available online. Due to these essay examples, there have been some positive movements towards environmental subjects. This is because students have been working on research papers not only for grades but in hopes of making a change. 

Plastic Pollution 

Plastic pollution has become a major environmental issue as the world's ability to cope with it grows. For example, garbage collection systems are generally ineffective or non-existent in developing countries. Additionally, plastic waste is not properly collected even in developed countries. 

Hence, resulting in plastic pollution. The prevalence of plastic waste has inspired efforts to establish a global treaty mediated by the UN.

After WWII, dozens of new plastic goods were created, completely changing modern living. Plastics changed medicine, enabled space travel, lightened vehicles and planes, and saved lives with helmets, incubators, and water purification equipment.

The advantages of plastics have led to a throw-away culture that displays the material's evil side: 40% of plastic produced annually is single-use. Plastic bags and food wrappers, for example, have a shelf life of minutes to hours but can endure hundreds of years in the environment. 

Air Pollution

Air pollution is when pollutants are released into the air. Pollutants that are bad for people and the planet as a whole can be released into the air. A WHO report says that each year, air pollution kills nearly seven million people around the world. Nine out of ten people breathe air that is above the World Health Organization's guideline limits for pollutants. 

Air pollution can have different effects on the human body depending on the type of pollutant and how long and how much exposure a person has had, as well as other factors, like a person's own health risks and how many pollutants or stressors they have. In some cases, it can even cause long-term issues for life. This is why businesses that work with these types of harmful gases and substances are being provided with a carbon monoxide respirator to help circulate a clean airflow.

Biodiversity Loss 

Biodiversity refers to both the wealth and the health of nature. Loss of biodiversity impairs ecosystem function and hence nature's ability to provide a healthy built environment. 

Many environmentalists around the world are very concerned about the extinction of a lot of species or the loss of biodiversity in the world today. A lot of species are going away very quickly. It is thought that 20 to 75 species of plants and animals are disappearing every day because of cutting down trees. 

This loss of biodiversity is mostly due to the decline of the living system. It is the foundation for all life on Earth. Hence, it is one of the most researched topics by students, so a global solution may be found. 


It's a big problem when forests are cut down and soil is damaged. Humans have put a lot more pressure on forests in the last few decades. The need for agricultural land, more demand for fuel and commercial wood, more dams, large-scale ranching, and mining, as well as growing industrialization and urbanisation, have ruthlessly exploited the forests. This has caused chaos and severe environmental imbalances.

Ecosystems work better when there is enough oxygen and carbon dioxide on the planet. The forests play a big role in this. There are many ecological roles that forests play that affect all kinds of life in different ways. This is why forests are important.

Ocean Acidification 

In the past few million years, things have changed in the ocean that had been stable for a long time. Ocean acidification is causing a sea change that is putting the chemical balance of the ocean and coastal waters at risk from pole to pole.

A lot of people call ocean acidification what they call "bone-loss of the sea." For good reason. Oysters, clams, lobsters, shrimp and other marine life use minerals to build their bodies. Ocean acidification can make it hard for these minerals to be found.

Human health is also important. In the lab, many harmful algal species make more toxins and grow faster when the water is acidic. People who eat contaminated shellfish could get sick and fish and marine mammals could get sick as well. It won't be dangerous to swim in seawater that is getting more acidic, but the balance of microscopic life in seawater will be thrown out of whack by this. Such changes could affect fish stocks and the ability of the ocean to store pollutants, like carbon dioxide, in the future.

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