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Jump into Spring with Nadine West Subscriptions and a Giveaway!


Thanks to Nadine West for providing these shipments in exchange for my review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

My adventures with Nadine West's clothing subscription has continued into 2022.  Nadine West carries clothing for women sized S- 3X in various types of styles, patterns, prints, and colors. A bright pink package arrives at your door full of items to try on. Send back what you don't like via the same package, using the prepaid label and drop it off in a USPS box.

 Normally, I want to give the stylists the benefit of the doubt because women's sizing is sooo difficult and no one can read our minds. I've received 3 packages so far this year. I wrote about January's shipment here. Since then, I received a shipment in both February and March. 

Yet, both of these packages were not spot on. I think with subscription services, that is sort of how it is. Sometimes, there are really good items and other times, everything ends up being sent back. It doesn't help that inventory supplies are low and costs of goods has gone way up either. 

So, before I jump into that arrival, let's follow up from the last half of 2021. I started the Nadine West journey sometime around September. I was impressed with the first few shipments but then it became increasingly difficult to keep anything as the selections wore on.

Here are some things I've noticed: the monthly boxes are pretty much the same thing. There are one or two blouses, maybe a dress, and either jeggings/ lounge pants. None of the clothing I've receievd is really business attire- its more for everyday casual life. I'm sort of missing those items that I could wear in more casual business settings than wearing around the house while binging Netflix. 

Very comfy joggers! 

Another thing I've noticed from my existing attire: the quality is definitely hit or miss. Honestly, I'm generally rough on my clothing. My proper formal/ business clothing is well taken care of- but everything else is fair game for spills, snags, and the like. 

Most of the Nadine pieces have held up well, but I've noticed the stitching on some of the joggers and hems of blouses has worn loose. Yet, there are other pieces that are perfectly fine! I think it's all about how you handle it, what you do while wearing it, and your techniques with washing/ drying/ etc. 

Most pants are jeggings style and never fit me properly. I could get these on but were way too tight!

Okay, back to the most recent shipments. For those new to this adventure, Nadine West offers a subscription service where clothing and jewelry is shipped either every 2 or 4 weeks to the subscriber. A shipping fee is paid each time.. if you keep clothing, then the shipping fee is applied. If you send it all back, then you lose the shipping fee. 

By filling out a profile, you can adjust your styles, patterns/prints, and color preferences for each shipment. There is also a price point for each type of item. I've started to play with the profile to see if it helps in sending different types of items, so we will see on the next adventure! I'm pretty classic in my style, but maybe updating the profile will help. Don't forget to give great feedback on the items you received and sent back. I think they do read this, but I'm not sure how well it's taken into account with the next pieces. 

So in my February shipment, I received 6 items. I sent everything back but one mustard colored blouse and one set of joggers/ lounge pants. 

*Yes- this is red- but the lighting makes it look pink!* (My tripod broke, so hence the awkward mirror photos) 

In my March shipment, I received 5 items. I only kept 1 item, a red blouse. 

Is Nadine West worth it? For someone like myself who hates shopping (I was just thinking about Easter dress shopping recently and am dreading it), it's still the perfect way to update a wardrobe. For someone who doesn't have the time, the energy, or lives near good shopping locations, then Nadine West might be a good fit. 

I sent this shirt back. It was too tight in the arms and just didn't feel like it fit right.. even if it looks okay. 

It can be frustrating to be so hopefully then to have to send everything back- but I also think it's good to try everything on before judging. Perhaps invite a bestie or family member you trust to provide proper feedback. I've kept some items that I might not normally wear because someone else affirmed it. 

Is it a dress? Long Shirt? Whatever it was, it was sent back.. as a dress, it was definitely too short! Doesn't look bad with leggings, but definitely isn't my style. 

Jump into Spring with new pieces in your Wardrobe from Nadine West. If you are looking to update your clothing, do a bit of spring cleaning, get ready for Easter and Mother's Day, then Nadine West is for you. In fact, gifting a subscription to your loved one would make a perfect gift! Or, buy a gift card and have them start their own subscription journey! 

Want it? Get it!

Build your profile and give Nadine West a try!

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Want it? Win it!

One lucky reader will win a Nadine West $50.00 gift card. 

Winner must be a new user of Nadine West and create a profile in order to redeem the card. The gift card code will be sent to the winner following the close of the giveaway. Further instructions will be sent to the winner. 

Use the RC entry form below to enter to win. The giveaway is open to US residents, 18+.  MBP is not responsible for prize fulfillment. Please see our policies page for details.

Special thanks to our friends at Nadine West for offering this amazing giveaway! We appreciate their partnership and support of MBP!

What's your favorite item in your current wardrobe? 

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