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2022: A New You, a New Wardrobe With Nadine West


Thanks to Nadine West for sending over this collection in exchange for my review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

When my bright pink package from Nadine West arrived, I was really excited. After all, this is a new year! After all, I have new goals, new inspirations, and having some fresh new clothing might help keep the spirits up. 2022 isn't kicking off to a great start for most of us, but I am determined to make the best of it!

So, what is Nadine West? If you haven't had a chance to follow, I've receiving bright pink packages from the company since September. This subscription based clothing company sends items directly to your door. Usually there is a couple of shirts, maybe a dress, a couple pairs of pants, and a piece of jewelry. 

Each shipment really is hit or miss. Some of the packages have fabulous items that I love and that fit well. Others, well, not so much. With low inventory and stocking issues across the country, I really wasn't sure what to expect in this shipment. After all, everything from grocery stores to clothing stores have had issues over the past couple of months. 

I was pleasantly surprised with what arrived in my package this time! Nadine ships items to you in a resealable package. If they don't fit, place them back in the package with the packing slip, stick on the label over the existing one, and drop it in the mail. 

When you sign-up, you fill out a profile and style chart. Select your shipment: 2 or 4 weeks. Your card will be charged $9.78 for shipping. If you keep anything, that is applied as a credit. Unfortunately, if you send it all back, it's lost. 

I choose 4 weeks as I don't need that much new clothing! In fact, I've spent our winter holidays ridding my closet of things that no longer work for me- whether they are not wearable, have gone past their prime, or just something I never wear. I find that it does help because then I can see whether these items that arrived fit well into my existing wardrobe. I don't keep what I don't think I will wear or need.

So, what was in this shipment?

Two pairs of pants that I sent back, again. This seems to be my trend. I'm short, curvy, overweight, and just don't like these tight legging type things that are in style. For the most part, they never fit because sizing is so weird in women's clothing. Sure, I have a couple pairs I wear around the house, but don't need that many. I'm also kind of in between sizes as I've intentionally been working on my health, so it's making all my clothing fit weird! 

A yellow blouse that I love! Yellow was never my favorite color to wear, but recently, I've come to love the deep rich yellows, not the vibrant sunny yellows. 

It does have a pattern across the front, which gives it an extra style kick under cardigans. It is a little bit loose in the chest area so I'll have to be careful I'm not flashing any undergarments! 

I kept this short sleeved dress. I really was back and forth about it.. mostly because of the color. It's just kind of dull grayish type color, but I think I can make it look snazzy!

At any rate, I do like the short sleeves.. and it's another dress with pockets! It also has a decent length for me, which I have struggled with in the last couple of packages. I don't like short dresses so this is a good one. 

Finally, I kept this black blouse as well. It's sleeveless and black, which are two automatic pluses for my wardrobe. 

It has a longer waist that kind of folds up under, so it doesn't sit tight against your beltline, which I like as well.

I did send the jewelry back- they were super long earrings that just really weren't for me. 

If you are looking for a way to update your wardrobe, maybe spice up your Valentine's Day outfit, or just need some enthusiasm to feel excited about 2022, check out Nadine West. 

The downfall is that you never know what will arrive and if it will fit, but with the world the way it is- it may be much easier than wasting hours at the local mall or shopping center trying to find something!

Want it? Get it!

Fill out your Nadine West profile and be on the way to receiving your first shipment now! 
Currently, use discount code NADINE on your first shipment 

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Happy shopping!

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