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Is It Typical Teenage Behavior Or Something Else?


Remember the days when you couldn’t get your child to stop talking? Do you miss the days when they would do what you said without question? Perhaps you long for the times when all they wanted to do was be in your presence. Now, your child is a teenager, and everything has changed. Their days are summed up in one word; they’re testing their limits, and being around you is the least cool thing on the planet. 

Most parents would say it’s typical teenage behavior. Your child has reached a point between childhood and adulthood where they’re trying to discover who they are, how they fit into the world, and what they stand for. It’s an emotionally taxing time that’s bound to be filled with trials and tribulations, particularly for the parent-child relationship. Be that as it may, parents are encouraged to pay attention.

Something Deeper

While most teens get through their most formative years without too many complications, others develop mental health problems that need to be addressed. How do you know if there’s something deeper going on that requires your support? Below are some signs to consider. 

Complete Isolation

While it’s typical for teenagers to spend less time with their parents, complete isolation could be a sign that there’s something else going on. For instance, if they’ve stopped hanging out with friends, don’t participate in any extracurricular activities, or always pass on an invitation to hang with the family, these are red flags. Complete isolation could be an early sign of depression. 

Escalating Mood Swings

It’s not uncommon for teens to be moody. They’ve got a lot going on, which can garner a wave of emotions at any time. Be that as it may, if your teen’s moodiness starts escalating, you need to step in and find out what’s wrong. For example, if they start using curse words, abusing their younger siblings, or lashing out, they could be struggling emotionally. You may need to ask about a bipolar depression test or consult a therapist for further assistance. 

Poor Attendance Or Skipping School

Not every kid is going to enjoy going to school. As subject matters get more involved, you might even notice a change in your teen’s grades. Be that as it may, if you start receiving reports that your child is staying home from school or skipping classes, don’t ignore it. Whether they’re dealing with academic or social issues, you must help them cope so they can continue to get a good education. Whether that means changing schools, hiring a tutor, or getting them tested for a learning disorder, it can help them get the best educational experience possible.

Blatant Disobedience

Teens are going to test their limits. They want more freedom and flexibility to try new things, cultivate friendships, and discover themselves. So, while your teen might miss curfew by 30 minutes, skip making their bed and cleaning their bathroom, or start hanging with someone that’s not the best influence on occasion if the disobedience becomes blatant, you have to speak up. 

Set ground rules that allow your teen to have more freedom and follow-up on consequences when they don’t oblige. Allowing them to overlook the rules continually could lead to reckless behavior that gets them in a world of trouble. Not to mention, disobedience could be a sign of negative peer pressure, substance abuse, or simply a cry for help. Talk to your teen about your concerns, listen to what they have to say, and find a way to work through the issues together. 

Of all the stages of parenting, raising teenagers is likely one of the most challenging. They’re changing right before your eyes, which can be difficult to adapt to. While some of their behavior is normal, you mustn’t make that the excuse for everything. If you start to notice any of the signs listed above, there’s a high possibility that something deeper is going on. As a parent, it’s your job to recognize the problem and find a solution that will help your teen cope. 

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