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Be Good to Yourself

Sometimes I think about what people will say about me when I pass and I wonder if it will encompass who I was. The thing is most women are too hard on themselves when it comes to self-reflection.  I am no different. 

For the longest time,  I have only been E's mom and Chris's wife. I'm Karen and Larry's daughter and Vanessa's, Lindsay's and Mariah's sister. Who am I outside of those roles?  My therapy journey has been a huge part of finding out who I am.  I am so much more than the person I am for everyone else. 
I just need to let her out of the box I put her in when I took on all these roles. I'm still Jessica.  

Today, my challenge to you as it is to me, is to do something good for yourself. Don't feel guilty for it, because I know at times you do. Buy a pretty outfit, go out to lunch with a friend, or simply take a moment where you are just you. Stop looking to other people to be good to you. Be good to yourself. 

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