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8 Cute Ways To Preserve Your Child's Birthday Cards


Celebrating your little one's birthday is so much fun. It's always heartwarming to see the adorable cards and loving messages your child receives on his or her special day. After the birthday is over, though, what do you do with the cards? You may be reluctant to throw them away, but it doesn't feel right to pack them away in a box either. Fortunately, there are many cute and creative ways to display birthday cards so your little hero can enjoy them for a long time.

Frame Your Favourites

A simple frame instantly transforms a card into art. Have your child choose a few favourite designs to preserve this way and enjoy a thrifty wall decoration. If the card includes a message you want to keep, cut along the fold and display the cover alongside the message. A photo of your child with the sender adds an extra non verbal sentimental touch.

Collage photo frames are a great way to display multiple cards. Dedicate the entire collage to the birthday celebration, or honour your child's relationship with a special person.

Turn Them Into a Book

With just a few minutes and pennies' worth of materials, you can preserve your child's birthday cards as a book. Simply punch two holes on the folded side of each card and bind them together with binder rings. Your child can help by decorating a cover for the little book. For young kids birthday card books like this are entertaining to look through, and older kids will enjoy reading the affirming messages.

Display Them in a Shadow Box

Shadow boxes are fun and easy to assemble. Unlike a normal photo frame, a shadow box can hold three-dimensional items, allowing you to build a multimedia collage that perfectly captures your child's personality and interests.

Alongside the card, you could include mementoes from your child's birthday party, such as a noisemaker, favour or cake topper. If your child enjoys collecting small treasures like rocks and leaves, these can also make a beautiful shadow box display.

Hang Them With Clothespins

With a length of rope and a few clothespins, you can easily display birthday cards on your child's wall or above a doorway. The colourful card garland will brighten a bedroom, and the caring messages will remind your child how loved he or she is, even after the birthday has passed.

Create Colourful Collages

The bright colours and images on children's birthday cards are great for scrapbooking. Cut out the sweetest sentiments to paste into a scrapbook, and embellish the pages with shapes cut from the covers.

Frame Your Child's Photo

Instead of framing the card, why not make the card a frame? This is especially fun to do with cards featuring your child's favourite characters. Use a craft knife to cut a hole in the front of the card, then paste a picture of your child inside.

Repurpose and Regift

Old cards that you have no interest in keeping can make great gift tags! Simply cut your desired shapes out of the front of the card, punch a hole, and add a ribbon, and you have a cute gift tag to attach to a present.

Preserve Them Digitally

If you want to preserve birthday cards but don't have room to store or display them, scan or photograph them. You can then recycle the originals.

There are many services available that will print your digital photos into a custom book or you can shop customized cards too. This is a great choice for parents who want a book of memories but have no interest in scrapbooking.

Children's birthdays are precious memories. With a little creativity, you can keep those memories and enjoy them fondly without adding clutter to your home.

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