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5 Reasons Why Personalised Canvas Prints Make a Perfect Gift

Are you bored of giving traditional gifts to loved ones? Try canvas prints! They are meaningful and creative yet affordable!

Canvas prints make a fantastic gift for your loved one - irrespective of the relationship. They are personal and help remind the recipients of good memories.

Or you can get their favorite landscape printed on a panoramic canvas to display on the focal wall of their room.

The choices are endless! Plus, getting them customised is also possible. You can add a quote, change color, remove background, and do much more to enhance the photographs.

Now, let us discuss what options do we have in canvas prints! 

Types of Canvas Prints


Single Photo Canvas 

As the name suggests, this canvas is made on a single frame. You can select any picture of your choice and get the prints. A single canvas print comes in various sizes and styles. You also have the freedom to make edits as needed using online tools.

Split Canvas Prints

Instead of a complete picture printed on a single canvas, split canvas comes in multiple panels. We can arrange all the panels in a row to see the whole picture. You can opt for 2,3,4, or even more panels. 

Panoramic Canvas Prints 

These prints are ideal for landscapes and are mounted above the sofa, bed, or fireplace. They can also be used in a kitchen or even in an office. You can choose a breath-taking ocean view, beautiful sunrise, or magnificent mountains for a panoramic canvas. 

Or you can choose a high-quality stock photo from a reliable source and get a unique canvas print of your favorite drawing. However, make sure to check the licensing terms of the stock photo site you choose as they have varying terms and conditions regarding print.


A single canvas doesn't always show just a single picture. Yes, collage allows us to combine all our favourite photos in one place. It is a canvas that displays multiple images in a single panel, each separated with a border. 

Small Canvas Prints 

Never think that canvas prints are just for the walls. People also put small photos in wall sections and shelves. These small canvas frames add a sophisticated look, whether you place them in a living room, kitchen, or guest room.

So, these are the options through which you can surprise your loved ones. Still in doubt? Go through the below reasons that make canvas prints a fantastic gift: 

  1. They Can Be a Present for Anyone 

We can give some gifts only to specific people and on particular occasions. For instance, you can buy a ring for your spouse, not your boss. Likewise, a red rose is commonly used to express love, which is suitable for a person you wish to romantically pursue.

But a canvas print can be for anyone. All you need is to customise it as per the requirement. If you want to gift a canvas to your grandmother, a collage showing beautiful old memories will be great. Likewise, a panoramic canvas will be ideal for someone who enjoys scenic views. 

  1. Custom Made Canvas Shows Your Efforts 

Buying a gift is simple. We can order online or visit a nearby shop. But a thoughtful gift like canvas prints requires some effort and time. We need to search for a great photo, think about its customization, and then decide on a suitable style for a canvas print.  

People who receive personalised canvas prints as a gift often feel happy because of the efforts made for it. They realise how much the person cares and how much dedication has been made to getting it done. 

  1. They Help you Express Feelings 

Pictures are a great way of expressing your feelings. At times, we are unable to describe our love in words. Let memorable pictures reveal how you feel. If loved ones live abroad, send them a collage to show how much you miss them. 

Or, get a single canvas print of your wedding photograph to show how you still remember the day you tie the knot. Parents can also create a collage of their child achieving different milestones. Like an infant picture, toddler on the first day of school, teenager on their prom, and an adult on their graduation. We get another idea that a picture collage is a perfect gift for a child going abroad for studies or work. 

  1. They Always Remind the Person about You 

Big canvas prints are for the walls, whereas small photos are ideal for shelves and wall niches. No matter where they are placed, they will always be nearby. Your gift will be in front of the eyes whenever your loved one enters the house. Even if it is in the bedroom, they will see it before sleeping. 

Gifts like perfume, accessories, gadgets, clothes, and other items, stay in the cupboard. We do not see them often. But the thing that adds to the house's d├ęcor always remains in the front. Thus, loved ones will remember you and feel happy. 

  1. They are Unique 

Whether it is a birthday or an anniversary, we always give traditional gifts to loved ones. Canvas prints are unique, and people usually don't get them on too many occasions. For instance, if you give perfume to a friend, there are high chances of other friends giving the same gift. 

However, if you give a canvas print, it will be unique. Since it is not just a gift for a person but adds a contemporary look to the house, loved ones will feel great. They will be glad to have such a unique gift. 

Wrapping It Up 

In short, customised canvas prints look fantastic, and giving them as a gift is a beautiful idea. They are eye-grabbing, express feelings, highlight your dedication and let loved ones remember you. Besides this, they are different from other traditional gifts available. 

Just select the best picture, choose the right type of canvas, and prepare an ideal gift for your loved one. Also, consider the nature, event, and age of the person you are giving the canvas. 

Wrap it beautifully, and a perfect gift is ready to leave a lasting impression. 

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