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Pet Misting Systems: Things to know before purchasing one


Animals suffer the same way as humans do during extreme heat. Many animals, such as dogs, don't have the internal mechanism to deal with rising temperatures. For instance, dogs have a fur coat that makes it uncomfortable for them during the summer heat. Moreover, they don't sweat like humans. This further adds to their problem.

Similarly, if you have other animals at home, such as reptiles, it is necessary to provide them a cool environment too. The summer heat can bring disastrous consequences for your pets if not paid attention to. For example, dogs can suffer heat strokes during summer.

This happens when heat generation exceeds their body's ability to dissipate it. This can also lead to vascular, gastrointestinal, liver damage and cause a dysfunction in the central nervous system.

To protect your beloved animals, it is recommended to have a pet misting system installed. A pet misting system helps keep the animals cool during the summer period. They provide a controlled environment where animals can live comfortably. 

If you are planning to buy a pet misting system, here are certain things that you should be knowledgeable about before you make the purchase.

What Are Pet Misting Systems?

Pet misting systems are fogging systems or water spraying systems that regularly spray water. This tool helps maintain the desired humidity and temperature required by the animals. The temperature can be reduced by 10-12 degrees celsius with a misting system.

Pet misting systems come in various shapes and sizes. The water spraying capacity and duration, too, differ by model. Before buying a pet misting system, do adequate research to find a system that perfectly fits your requirements.

How Do Pet Misting Systems Work?

As the name suggests, misting systems spray a mist of water to reduce temperatures. A typical misting system consists of a reservoir that stores the water, a pressurized pump that expels the water, and a misting line with a nozzle spraying the water. The nozzle causes the water to turn into tiny droplets. The end result looks like fine rain or fog.

What Are the Benefits of Pet Misting Systems?

Misting systems provide various benefits for your pets. They can be used for dogs, cats, reptiles, and even birds. Here's a look at the top four benefits of using a pet misting system.

  1. Reduces Stress

As mentioned earlier, summer causes a lot of stress to animals. A misting system can help reduce stress by lowering the surrounding temperature. The animals feel more comfortable and relaxed as the desired humidity and temperature are maintained.

  1. Provides Drinking Water

Certain animals don't prefer drinking water from a dish. A misting system can provide drinking water to such animals in the form of water droplets. This can fulfill their drinking needs.

For instance, the zoo med reptirain automatic terrarium mister can be mounted on your pet reptile's enclosure. It can be programmed to spray water droplets every hour to provide continuous drinking water for your beloved pet.

  1. Mimics Natural Habitat

If you have specialized, exotic animals at home, a misting system can be helpful to mimic their natural habitat. The mister can be programmed to maintain humid tropical habitats for snakes or iguanas. Therefore, the animals will feel more comfortable and not be trapped or caged.

  1. Improves Breeding

Having a misting system for rainforest species pets can help stimulate their breeding activity. When it comes to breeding, environmental factors like ventilation, humidity, and temperature play an essential role. Pet misting systems help maintain the right balance for breeding and help ensure a more extended breeding period.

How Much Does a Pet Misting System Cost?

The prices of pet misting systems vary considerably. Depending upon various factors, the cost of a misting system can be as low as five dollars. Similarly, other pet misting systems can cost you hundreds of dollars.

You can buy pet supplies online. This will benefit you as you will be eligible for a handful of discounts. By this way, you won’t have to break the bank every time you buy something nice for your adorable pet.

Buy a misting system that fits your budget and gets the work done. Similarly, pay attention to the ease of use, warranty, operating method, and other factors before purchasing a pet misting system.

What Makes a Good Pet Misting System?

Various factors make a misting system good or bad. Some of them are discussed below.

Build Quality

You would want your misting system to be durable to last a long time, even though a warranty backs it. Thus, choose a system that you think is built at premium quality using sturdy, durable materials. 

Ease of Use

You will need to regularly change the water in the reservoir, or change the location of the misting system. You might also have multiple animals that require cooling. Similarly, you will need to adjust the spraying controls depending upon the animal. Thus, make sure that the misting system is portable and easy to operate. 

Also, see whether a single misting system can be used for multiple animals without any complicated procedures involved. This can help you save the cost of an additional mister.


As mentioned earlier, pet misting systems can cost anywhere from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars. And it doesn't need to be nice just because it is costly. Compare various misting systems at different price points to determine the most cost-effective one.

Operating Method

Pet misting systems have different operating methods. For example, pet misting systems can be operated manually or automatically. Depending upon your needs, you can opt for the one best suited to your needs. 

If you don't have the time, you can opt for an automatic mister that regularly sprays water. Similarly, if you want more control over the spraying, you can choose a manual one.

Parting Thoughts

Keeping your pets cool and comfortable during summer may be challenging, but it is entirely doable with a pet misting system. It not only helps them cool off but also provides various other benefits that we have discussed above.

Now that you are armed with all the necessary information, we believe that you will make an informed decision while buying a pet misting system. Thanks to the pet misting system, we wish that your pets will welcome and spend the summer season comfortably.

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