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Do you need health insurance for having a baby

 While some people don’t think much about getting their pregnancy treatment covered by insurance, there are quite a few benefits that come with insurance plans that cover maternity as well.

If you’re not sure about what exactly these insurance plans cover, and how exactly it’s beneficial during pregnancy, you’ve come to the right place because we’re going to cover all the details you need to know, before making an informed decision. Without further ado, let’s get started—happy reading!


When Should You Get Maternity Insurance

It’s advisable to opt for pregnancy health insurance plans right away—this is because opting for it after you get pregnant is usually not a great time, because most plans have a 12 month waiting period once you opt for the plan, after which you’ll be able to claim the pregnancy benefits.

Naturally, it doesn’t make sense to decide to go for the plan after you’re pregnant. So, even before you plan on getting pregnant or starting a family, it’s a good idea to always have pregnancy health insurance in case there are any unexpected surprises—there’s nothing wrong with planning ahead no matter what. 

It’s a Huge Financial Benefit

This may come as a wakeup call to some, but pregnancy can be an expensive affair, even if you don’t have any complications along the way.

This is because all those monthly visits to the doctor, the medication that you may have to take, and even the type of procedure you have during the delivery can come up to a pretty huge sum all together.

That’s why insurance plays a big role in reducing this strain on people. To give you a basic idea of what most insurance plans cover, here’s a list of the potential expenses that you can pay for using maternity insurance:

  • Covers the expense of any kind of procedure, even if it’s cesarean - this means that any last minute changes in the plan for procedure won’t have to worry you about the additional expense. 

  • Covers doctor’s fee, consultation fee, room charges, and nursing.

  • Covers both pre and post-hospitalization expenses.

  • Some policies cover the baby right from the day they’re born - this means that even their vaccination costs will be covered by the plan.

  • Covers the expenses of sudden complications that may occur during birth, such as premature birth, if the newborn needs to be kept in an incubator after birth, if the baby is born with a critical illness, and other such unexpected and stressful situations. 

It’s also important to remember that different insurance policies cover different fees and expenses, so not every policy will include all the factors that have been included in this list. 

That’s why it’s important to thoroughly research each plan, compare the benefits, and go for a comprehensive plan that fits within your budget and also covers all your needs. 

Other Benefits of Maternity Health Insurance

Apart from covering the expenses that are mentioned above, maternity health insurance plans can also be beneficial in a few other ways. Here’s a list of these benefits that come with most maternity plans:

  • In some countries, people can avail tax benefits by choosing to go for certain insurance policies. If you’re looking for ways in which you can avail more tax benefits, this is one option you can go for.

  • Currently, there’s an inflation in medical expenses, so it’s always a better idea to plan ahead if you’re planning to start a family. Currently, the cost of having delivery in private hospitals will cost you more than ever, and you may even have to use your savings to pay for the rising medical bills, depending on where you’re situated. But insuring yourself and your baby can greatly decrease the strain on your funds throughout your pregnancy journey. 


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