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10 Commonly Bought Things First-Time Parents Shouldn’t Buy for Their Babies


Having the best possible things for our babies is something we all strive for. However, there are times when your baby may not need certain items. 

What’s worse is that some of them are even dangerous for them. For example, certain items can cause injury or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome(SIDS) to our loved ones.

Shocking, right? 

If you are a first-time parent, let me share some baby registries that you want to buy but don’t need.

Baby Shoes

It's fun to dress up your baby. Unfortunately, baby shoes are not very practical. Infants grow at a phenomenal rate. Spending money on shoes for an infant who hasn't even learned to walk is a waste. 

Within a few weeks, the baby's shoes would no longer fit. You will probably store the shoes you bought after only wearing them once.

Skip the baby shoes. Get a pair of soft and comfortable socks for your baby that will not fall off.

Expensive Baby Clothes

There's nothing better than dressing up your baby in a cute outfit.

However, babies are messy. Babies grow at an incredible rate as well. In most cases, the outfits are used only a couple of times before losing their fit. 

Parents who are more experienced opt for more simple outfits that are easier to wash and replace.

Burp Towels

It can be messy for you when your baby "wet burps.”So when you burp your baby, towels are a must. However, there is no need for expensive burp-specific towels.  It will be covered with baby barf anyway, so there's no point in purchasing costly towels.

In most cases, these cutely designed burp towels are not absorbent or good enough for the messy job. 

Rather than using expensive burp towels, you can use terry cloth or flannel cloth. Cloth diapers can come in handy when on the go.

Baby Robe

Getting your new baby dressed in regular clothes is hard enough. So why bother with a baby robe that is hard to put on and later remove after a few minutes?

It's cute to buy baby robes, but it's likely not worth the money.

Use an absorbent, soft bath towel instead. You can safely and snuggly wrap your baby after taking a bath with bath towels. You would probably do a better job of pat-drying your baby if you used bath towels over a baby robe. 

Wipes Warmer

Warm wipes may keep your baby more comfortable during diaper changes and cleanups, but you may be able to get by without them. Several potential issues, such as dry wipes, can make wipe warmers a hassle rather than a convenience.

Having wipe warmers on all the time causes the wipe solution's water to evaporate more quickly than it would in the original sealed container. As a result, the wipes will dry out over time as this evaporation takes place.

Wiping your baby’s bum with a heated wipe is a luxury. Instead, you should get your baby used to the cold wipe on the go.

Scented Baby Detergent

The baby detergent you're buying must not be scented. Life outside the womb is already a big transition, don't add harsh soaps to it. Harsh soaps can cause red, itchy rashes or contact dermatitis on your baby’s precious skin.

You should also wash cloth diapers separately. This is because your baby can experience diaper rash from harsh soaps.

Make sure the detergents you choose are unscented and safe for babies. Your baby already smells great, so there's no need for scents on their clothing.

Baby Pillows, Bumper Pads, and Crib Bedding Set

If you want to make your baby's crib as comfortable and soothing as possible, you might think a soft blanket and a fluffy teddy bear are the perfect solutions.

However, these soft items, along with pillows and crib bumpers, can inhibit airflow for your baby. Suffocation and sudden infant death syndrome(SIDS) can occur due to this situation.

Avoid using blankets when sleeping with your infant. Instead, make sure they are wearing infant sleep clothing. 

Avoid using crib bumpers to attempt to retrofit an unsafe crib, as they can entrap the baby's head. In addition, in recent studies, bumper pads cause an increased risk of death. 

In addition, if babies are older and more mobile, they can use the ties to climb out of cribs, press their faces into them, get caught in the ties, or just grab them.

Second-Hand and Drop-Side Cribs

And speaking of cribs, avoid buying second-hand cribs. 

Our children's safety is a concern when we leave them in their cribs, so we want to be confident we selected the best option. 

However, setting up a newborn's nursery can be expensive. So it’s tempting to save money whenever possible. 

It makes sense to save money in many situations, but a crib is one area where you should never cut corners. Don't buy or accept a used crib if you can.

While it may be well-intentioned of someone to offer you a crib, it is perhaps not the best choice for your child's safety. 

Old cribs can pose a risk to the child. 

The safety standards for older cribs might not be up to date. A used product will also be less solid if there are missing or weak parts.

Drop-side cribs used to be the standard when it came to fashion and convenience.  Currently, they are a safety hazard.

The moveable drop-side can fall, suffocating or strangling your infant.

It is better to have a crib with fixed sides and a simple design. This is because an infant can choke if clothes get caught on fancy decorations.

Baby Walkers

The use of baby walkers has caused thousands of infant injuries, primarily from falling and presenting a significant risk without any real benefit. 

In a baby walker, children can move across the floor that fast. They are very curious about their surroundings at that age, but they are not aware of the dangers.

Most injuries occur when babies fall down the stairs. With a baby walker, infants get exposed to all kinds of potentially dangerous situations, like falling into pools or being exposed to household cleaners and sharp corners.

Additionally, baby walkers do not provide any functional benefit to developing babies. Parents and caregivers mistakenly believe putting infants in walkers will speed up learning to walk. But this hasn't been proven in any scientific study.

Baby Bouncer

It is not safe to have a baby in the bouncer for prolonged periods. They may also fall from the seat if they turn sideways, and you won’t know unless you are there to check on them all the time.  The strings of the bouncer are also a risk because they may get tangled in them. 

Having babies is financially constraining. Many even get a loan from a lender cash mart like the moneylender in Jurong to provide their kids’ basic needs. So you need to seriously consider which item to buy and which ones are just a waste of money.

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