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Date Day

Chris and I rarely have the same days off, but when we do we always plan a date day. With Valentine's Day on Monday, we had an early celebration yesterday.  It was low key, nothing crazy, but it is a Day that meant the most to me. 

We started our day with a drive to Barnes and Noble.  I was able to pick up some books that I was looking for and then we stopped at Christmas Tree Shops. I worked there when E was a baby and I love it there. We had plans for a movie night, so we picked up movie theater boxed candy and a few odds and ends for the house. I bought a new mug, no I don't need anymore but it had the saying "Sorry, I'm only speaking to the dog today". If that doesn't fit me then I don't know what does. 
We walked around the mall, the very mall we met at and years later we got engaged at. So much has changed in the last 20 years, but being there with him reminds me of all the happy memories we have made over the years.

We had lunch at The Cheesecake Factory, which I decided would be my treat. Chris takes very good care of me and it was my nice way to show him how much that means to me. With full bellies, it was time to go home and we both took a nap. We watched "The Wrong Missy" on Netflix and laughed so much. We followed up with The Breakfast Club because how can we not? That was just as funny, because I asked him if he ever got a Saturday detention before and he responded that he was not a delinquent. My poor hubby is as straight laced as they come but his reaction had me in stitches.  

I hope you all are having a blessed weekend.

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